Doris Hartung:     “The Andes Gazette is an outgrowth of the Community Empowerment Initiative sponsored by the Catskill Center for Conservation & Development,” as Bill Piervincenzi described it in the First Edition of the Gazette.  During these meetings it became Bill’s vision to have an Andes local paper.  He found several enthusiastic participants: his wife Eddie, Wilma and Allen Mazo, Frank and Doris Hartung and last but not least Buffy (Elizabeth) Calvert, who has been a loyal participant through all these years. We were all recent retirees moving into our second homes in Andes. Speaking for myself, we were looking to connect with the local community; it was a new adventure. I have fond memories of that time.

“It was a learning experience for most of us and we worked well together. The Andes Gazette did become popular with the community it served.

“Over the many years the little publication is in existence new people joined and others left.  It was and still is an all-volunteer publication.

“I hope the Andes Gazette will exist way into the future —Good Luck!”

Eddie Piervincenzi chimes in: “Twenty five years ago there was a meeting of ACE (Andes Community Empowerment).   I don’t know who initiated it. (maybe Buffy).

“At the meeting Bill suggested we make a local newspaper.  All agreed and Bill and Frank Hartung took off like a couple of news reporters.  They went to Cooperstown to see the original printing press.  They were so excited and couldn’t wait to get started.”

Judy Garrison: “It was Helen Budrock from MARK who led the visioning. I was there.”

Buffy Calvert adds:  “That printing press was set up in 1867 by my great-grandfather James Bruce in his house (now mine.) The paper he started became The Andes Recorder, the same paper we get our 100 Years Ago news from for the Gazette.

“One feeling that came out in the visioning process was that many people felt that they or their group (church, school, club, Grange, Fire Department or EMTs, etc.) was doing all the work for the community. The Gazette’s job is to celebrate everyone’s effort.

“That means we’ve had to keep things positive. When ticklish issues arose like whether to allow wind turbines, we were in a bind. One of my favorite front pages is the one headed: GALOWITZ v. GALOWITZ with
Phyllis’s enthusiastic pro on the left side and Alan’s strongly worded con on the right.

“Bill chose the name “Andes Gazette” because he had gone to Kansas State University in Emporia, Kansas where the Emporia Gazette had become a nationwide famous newspaper.

“Any suggestions, dear readers, for future Gazettes?”~