Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting, March and April, 2024
By Peter Calvert

Andes Zoning Board of Appeals: Bob Abbate, Chair, Dana Hunter, Cindy Taylor, Forest Day, Skip Parcell Support Staff: Al Mohr, CEO, Joanne Boerner, Clerk.
Public: Louis Russo, Andreas Papleontiou, Peter Calvert, Andes Gazette.

Andreas Papleontiou’s proposal for Setback Line Adjustments on his property at 357 Ridge Road and Lower Dingle Hill Road approved by the Zoning Board following a Public Hearing. The existing shed will be replaced with a 40’ x 40’ shed that is 42 feet closer to the boundary than permitted by law but makes sense given the distance from neighbors, And comes with the approval of neighbors.

Louis Russo has property on Blackberry Lane, Andes, in the Barkaboom near the Big Pond Trailhead. He wants to put up a barn-like structure and wishes to be 55 feet closer to the property boundary. No disapproval from neighbors. The variance passed with no objections following a Public Hearing.~