By Peter Calvert

Town of Andes Board Meeting
Summary, May 14.

Present: Supervisor Bud Gladstone; Councilmen Thomas Hall, Dale Cole, Ritchie Gabriel, Jason Mondore; John Bouton, Highway Superintendent, Jan Elwell, Deputy Town Clerk. Public in the Town Hall: Cyndi Wright, Eric Van Benschoten, Elizabeth DeFalco, The Reporter, Peter Calvert, Andes Gazette. Zoom: Chantal.

A moment of Silence was held for the late Joe Sicinski before the meeting started. Joe was remembered for his character, his work, and his dedication to the Andes Food Bank.  

Privilege of the Floor: Cyndi Wright asked for an update on the Cell Tower. Bud Gladstone stated the project is moving forward towards purchase agreement.

   Supervisor’s Report: Bud Gladstone contacted the DOT about Solar Powered Speed alerting signage. Bud met with DelCo Supervisors and discussed housing needs in our community. Mike Terry is in conversations with Bud about the Union negotiations. The Valiant Volunteers who in April walked the highways and byways of Andes cleaning up bag after bag after bag of roadside trash carelessly discarded, were applauded for their sweat and service and community commitment. “No Littering signs” were suggested by Eric Van Benschoten to shame further disgraceful behavior by drivers bespoiling our bucolic neighborhood.

John Bouton, Highway Superintendent directed his department to sweep up sand from roads after the end of the winter snow season.  A Backhoe Crane is for sale by The Town of Franklin and after discussion a bid was authorized towards a potential purchase. Other items currently owned by the Highway Dept. were authorized for potential sale at auction. The Bid for a generator for the Highway Dept. was moved and passed while the Bid for the Town Hall generator was not approved and will be rebid.

   The Code Enforcement Officer was busy at his tasks the past month. Hauling Bids for future town needs were opened and approved. Warrants and Bills were approved.~