By Michael Suchorsky

“Love is in the air”. A few days ago Swallows were doing it. . . I’m not a voyeur— this is science. Tonight the Purple Finches were deep in courtship. Always weak in remembering bird songs, I started making up my own phonetic interpretations. For the dense song of the Purple Finches, “Spit up Toledo, oh, oh, old chap, ka.” Lucky, one year there were overlapping territories of Cat Birds, another, Wood Thrush. In each case, a battle of song that Coltrane and  Ornette would have given a nod of approval.

Last night I almost hit a bear on the road below my house. I was thrilled—with the close encounter, as well as not being the cause of its demise.

Arriving home in the dark I immediately took down the bird feeders. But this morning, I discover that an animal dug up all but 3 of my transplants‚ 6” deep and a foot wide holes—plants scattered. I did not use any organic fertilizer so the critter had to be smelling my presence.  Also deer ate the Solomon Seal a friend gave me. This afternoon a deer was sleeping near the challenged Solomon Seal—now fenced. “Life on the mountainside”.~