By Pamela West-Finkle

This Spring is flying by and Summer is nearly upon us!  With all of the cool temperatures and wet weather we have had, it is hard to believe that the kids are nearly finished with school and the warm days will finally be upon us.  I have moved a lot of our paperbacks down to the porch and as soon as the wet weather breaks, I will be loading a fresh batch of discards and donated hardcovers to the front porch selection.  Please stop by to see what might be new.

Meanwhile, inside we have lots of new books arriving in every month, so be sure to come in often to check out the new adult fiction shelves to the left as you walk in the door, and the new nonfiction books available to the right, bordering the circulation desk.

One section that will be changed over, however, is our audio circuit from the Four County Library System.  The library pays $300 per year for a touring circuit of audio books to come every three months, but due to minimal interest and the decrease of people who have audio CD players with which to listen to the audio books, we opted to remove the audio circuit from our offerings.  We still have our own audio section to the left of the patrons computers, and can order any audio book you may want that is owned by our system, but we plan on taking our large print books and placing them where the audio circuit was.

Now that more and more of our patrons are asking for Large Print books, however, perhaps the library will consider signing up for the Large Print circuit in the future.  For now, however, we gracefully release the old to embrace the new.

Should you wish to have training on how to get Libby/Overdrive onto your tablet or phone, please let one of the staff know and we will be happy to give you instructions and help walk you through the process.

Edible Landscape Thank You!!!

On Saturday, May 4th, an industrious team of diggers and planters showed up to help us plant the vast majority of the edible landscape.  Harvey Morse helped greatly by arriving with his excavator to dig the holes for the trees and larger bushes.  Our edible landscape gal, Theresa Farrigno, her mom Jodi, her friends from Wayside, Ryn and Jay, our board members Diane Lockspeiser and Judy Garrison, our wonderful patron Laura Josepher, myself, my husband Theodore Finkle Jr, and my granddaughter Viera all pitched in to plant, dig, mulch, and water. Thank you to everyone for your amazing hard work and dedication to this project.

In about four hours, we planted two honey crisp apple trees, one Fuji apple tree, two semi-sweet cherry trees, ten blueberry bushes, four elderberry bushes, six lilac bushes, strawberries, rhubarb, asparagus, and some herbs and cold crop seeds.  We also filled and assembled the remaining planters and planted red white and blue poppies, cornflowers, and daisies around the Veterans’ monument.  We hope to add a trellis/arch, planting grape vines on either side, and plan to meet with the Andes Central School students one day after school to plant our mammoth sunflower house circle, giant pumpkins, and our remaining vegetable and herb seeds.

Obviously it will take a few years for the berry bushes, fruit trees, and asparagus to get established, but as soon as herbs, greens, and other veggies start to mature, please feel free to come pick what you need for a fresh salad, etc.  We have lots of chives right now and within a few weeks, should have some radishes and a variety of lettuces and kale to choose from.

Thanks again to the Community Foundation of South Central New York for the $2500 library fund grant this year, as well as the one last year, so that we could make this project a reality and make an investment in food security and nutrition for our community.

Building Improvement

A big thank you also goes out to Gordy Krick for doing a fantastic job painting the library and replacing all of the shutters.  We have eliminated the wooden shutters that were suffering from rot and have replaced them with synthetic ones that match the rest.  Gordy also painted the front doors maroon to match, and spruced up the railing where the salt had rusted out the posts.

Summer Programs

The Adventure Begins At Your Library Summer Reading Workshops will be held on Wednesdays in July from 11:15 to 12:30 pm for the Andes Central School Summer CROP students and any local youth who happen to be visiting.  The schedule will be posted soon, both on the Website ( and on Facebook, as well as sent home with the children in early June.

Currently, it looks like we are going to be taking a year off from the Garden Tour as many of our Garden Tour committee members are busy with other things this year.  If, however, you’d be interested in being involved next year, please contact us to let us know.  If you have a garden or special property view you would like to share next year, we are happy to put you on a list for potential Garden Tour stops.

Please check our Facebook Page regularly for program updates.  Miss Pam’s Song & Story time will continue for the little ones at 3:30 pm most Tuesday afternoons.

Director Position

The search continues for my replacement in the Director’s chair here at the Andes Public Library. Because we are a small library in a small community, New York State does not require the person taking this position to have a degree.  From my own experience in the job, someone who likes doing a lot of different administrative/office management jobs, intermixed with computer work and serving the public, would be an excellent candidate.  The position is 20 hours per week and provides three weeks of paid vacation. If you love books, love working with the public, and have some administrative experience, please consider submitting your resume and cover letter to: APL Board of Trustees c/o Susan Cole, 11474 Co. Hwy 2, Andes, NY  13731 or email to