By Dr. Brigid Collins, Superintendent

Our Spring has been full of fun at Andes Central School! We have had lots of learning and some new experiences as well.

We are all recently back from our Spring Break, and we enjoyed one extra day due to an unused give-back snow day. That day came in very handy due to the exciting astronomical event, the full eclipse of the sun, which our  nation experienced in April. It also gave our students a chance to experience it with their families

Most recently we also enjoyed the ACS Talent Show, and got to witness just how talented our students really are! We had the pleasure of viewing and hearing some amazing performances, including: An instrumental rendition of the Star Wars Theme played by Abel Weaver, Kingston Bottoms, Joseph Maxim, Matthew Liddle, Maxwell Goote, Gabriellah Bene, Charlie Orio, Jesse Wright-Bourke, Lilly Temple and Ms. Belle Bourke; Vocal performances by Olivia Madussi, Jack Rodgers, Thalia Jeanninton, Emily McGowan, Erysse Elliot, Jesse Wright-Bourke, Darbey Mondore, Laney Mondore, Aislin Wood, Kinsleigh Gill and Lillian Achter-Mokay; Keyboards by Landon Colfer. Mr. Ed McGee played the Banjo; Elizabeth Bauer performed a solo dance number, and Liem Sass wrote an original skit and performed it along with Charlie Orio, Darbey Mondore, Emily McGowan, Landon Colfer and Ben Liddle. The evening was impressive and delightful. We all look forward to next year’s show!

Our April Spirit Meet was educational and enjoyable. We celebrated Earth Day, and as always, were entertained as our K-1 students signed the Pledge and sang and signed You’re a Grand Old Flag. Our student body is learning the signs along with them, and we are all improving with our signing skills.  Ms. Bacon’s 6th Grade ELA students shared the Word of the Month and we learned what it means to take initiative, a very important skill. A tremendously inspired original song was written and performed by girl group The Galaxy Kittens, Adelaine and Lucinda Moore joined by Colleen Mueller. They already have garnered a big fan base with their ACS family.  I predict we’ll be hearing more original songs from them, and I’m definitely a fan. We sang happy birthday to all our April birthday friends, and in particular celebrated school secretary, Ms. Heather’s birthday, who has quickly become our very own Spirit Meet cheerleader! Mr. McGee and the Living Environment and Chemistry classes shared lots of information and facts about the Solar Eclipse, and we had a whole-school participatory demonstration facilitated by our very own Mr. McGee. It was not only educational and informative, but incredibly fun! The Meet culminated with an absolutely adorable song about Spring performed by our Pre-K students.  Our ACS students were treated to a performance of Shakespeare’s play The Tempest put on by the Catskill Mountain Shakespeare Company, which used physicality, clowning, and cinematic theatricality to create magic, spectacle, and community dialogue. It was directed by Jay Dunn, a graduate of L’Ecole Jacques Lecoq, a Teaching Artist at American Academy of Dramatic Arts and SUNY Purchase, and a Visiting Professor at Middlebury College. A performance day that included a study guide, a Q&A session, and student workshops led by CMS Teaching Artists was offered aiming to entertain, engage, and connect classical language with modern-day social issues. The performance was enjoyed by our grades 4-12 students. Live theater is always a special treat.

All of us are looking forward to the warmer weather and a chance to be outdoors more often.  Watch for the next edition of the Andes Gazette to hear about more Spring fun and upcoming summer plans!~

Lilly Temple, Ed McGee, Laney Mondore, Gabby Bene