THREE AMIGOS – April 2024

By Diane Lockspeiser

I didn’t want to continue calling the little white rooster “Peep-Peep” because he’s entered puberty, or whatever you call it with chickens, and his voice is no longer a cute little peeping sound. Matter of fact, he’s starting to attempt to crow at dawn. And right outside my bedroom window! I’m up early these days.

He’s also discovered the girls and has taken to hanging around outside the fencing of their yard for much of the day. The younger black-with-white-spots rooster always tags along, but doesn’t yet pay much attention to the ladies. I started calling them the Two Amigos.

On one of the beautiful unseasonably warm days we had this March, my husband Steve came out to sit on the front porch step to soak up some sunshine while I was out there hanging wash on the clothesline. I love hanging out the wash in Springtime. It absorbs such a wonderful aroma, what they used to call “April Fresh.”  I turned to see the scene I have tried to depict in the drawing, the Two Amigos checking Steve out.

I had noticed them running to him at other times. What I hadn’t known was that their keen interest in him is because he saves little pieces of bacon to give them whenever he makes some for his own breakfast.

What’s so funny to me is that he kept telling ME not to get too attached to them. It turns out he was really talking to himself!~