NEW BOOKS & DVD- April 2024

New Books

Atlas Maneuver
by Steve Berry

Children Who Dance in the Rain
by Susan Justice

Diane Arbus:
An Aperture Monograph
by Doon Arbus

Green Breakdown:
The Coming Renewable
Energy Failure
by Steve Goreman

The Guest
by B.A. Paris

I Can Do Hard Things:
Mindful Affirmations for Kids
by Gabi Garcia

Murder Your Employer:
The McMasters Guide to Homicide
by Rupert Holmes

My Way to Good Choices
Children’s Book About Positive Behavior
by Elizabeth Cole

The Naked Neanderthal
by Ludovic Slimak

The Bezzle:
A Martin Hench Novel
by Cory Doctorow

New DVDs:

The Color Purple (2023)

Wonka (2023)