THE WAY WE WERE – March 2024

Culled by Judy Garrison
From March 1924 issues of
The Andes Recorder
100 Years Ago


Events of a week as chronicled by
the Man on the Street

Eggs were selling at ten cents per dozen on March 1, 1894. On the corresponding date this year they were 36 cents per dozen.

Miss Mary Davis, who lives with her brother, H. W. Davis on Delaware avenue is so far as known the only resident of Andes who only has a birthday once every four years, having been born on February 29…Last Friday afternoon while she was attending a “quilting” at Mrs. A. B. Liddle’s, her home was invaded and when she returned at about 5 o’clock she found a bountiful repast ready and about 30 neighbors and relatives awaiting to greet her and help make merry the birthday occasion.

Lewis Steinhardt, of Fleischmanns, and Fred Sliter, of Andes, were arrested last Thursday evening at the river bridge at Oneonta, by the police, on the charge of illegal transportation of alcoholic liquors…..In the possession of these two men were found 24 quarts of wine, 23 quarts of whiskey, 22 bottles of gin, and a five gallon can containing about four and one-half gallons of what resembled “moonshine” whiskey. The capture of the supply of “bootleg” stuff came about in a peculiar manner. [Ed.: A following account tells how it was discovered during a police stop of multiple cars.]

Andes years ago was a butter center and every Saturday the streets were lined with teams bringing butter from different parts of the county. Now, with two up-to-date creameries it bids fair to become a milk center. Dissatisfied with the prices offered in Delhi the farmers living along the Little Delaware are contemplating sending their milk here to the Andes Co-Operative Dairy Company. The New Andes Creamery Inc. is receiving the milk from Glenburnie and about the “Hook” to the amount of two truck loads. This company is building up a trade in baby food and other similar products, giving employment to several girls. If present plans work out it is expected that the force will have to be largely increased.

The Andes Business Men’s Club held a very successful banquet at the Central Hotel on the evening of Monday, March 10, and about 35 were present. The “eats” were served under the supervision of Mrs. Allen and needless to say that they were excellent and in abundance. Following the filling of the inner man came the speech making. Leslie Muir was the toastmaster and the speakers included were H. D. Archer, on improvements.

In Andes corporation election held Tuesday afternoon 41 votes were cast. There were no nominations, no one wanted office and it was case of go for it blind? and vote for whom your please. The vote was scattering and below is given the name of the winners in the “free-for-all” and their vote.

For Library Trustee—Mrs. Walter Pattburg, 14 votes.

A very delightful evening was spent with cards and other games. A piano solo by Graham Frisbee and two vocal solos by Mrs. Terry, of Edmeston, accompanied by Miss Dix, were a pleasing variation. Very delicious refreshments were served by the hostesses.

Thomas A. Raitt, of southern Bovina, had purchased of William H. Liddle his house on upper Main Street in Andes village and the farm connected with it. The price which includes the cows and other personal property is $7,500. This is an excellent small farm and Mr. Raitt will take possession May 10. Mr. Liddle is uncertain as to his future plans

Andes relatives of Earl Gladstone, eldest son of Elliott Gladstone, formerly of this place, have received intelligence that he is in the hospital at Cleveland, Ohio, with a fractured skull sustained by being run into by an automobile. [Wendy Gladstone Cooley: I looked into Earl, but cannot find much about him. He was Art’s generation. Their grandfathers were brothers. Earl worked at the Binghamton State Hospital as an attendant. When he was 21 he moved to Cleveland, Ohio and married a Russian nurse named J. Stella Raczynska. It appears Earl and Stella stayed in Columbus and had four children. He died at age 64 in Ohio and therefore must have survived the incident!]~