By Buffy Calvert

At the organizational Town Board meeting on January 2nd, T-Mobile had Privilege of the Floor via ZOOM. Ann-Lynn Nelson, whom Supervisor Gladstone had contacted, explored our current situation and outlined a possible solution. She and her engineer, Rob Vasquez, said the current 911 tower at Bobcat on Mt. Pisgah, which is used by 911, the EMTs, the Fire Department and police, is too far from the Hamlet to adequately provide cell service.

Question: Would boosters help?  Not really. We need a new tower more centrally located. You hire a company to design and build the tower and companies like Verizon and T-Mobile rent space to service the area.

Gladstone and Ritchie Gabriel explained that we had other possible locations for towers. They offered to send the coordinates to T-Mobile. Ms. Nelson agreed to have her Network Development Team explore their adequacy. Bud Gladstone’s final comment: “I just want cell service in Andes, a Town of 100 square miles. It’s critical.”

After Jason Mondore was sworn in as a newly elected Councilman, and Thomas Hall, sworn in as re-elected Councilman, Carol Ames as Town Clerk, John Bouton as Highway Superintendent and Wayland (Bud) Gladstone as Supervisor, the officials and the public (Peter Ames, Cyndi Wright, Lester Bourke and Buffy Calvert for the Gazette)  pledged allegiance to the flag.  Zoom attendees included Lillian Browne, for The Reporter, Sherry, VC, and Mark Pezetti.

Gladstone read the 28 Organizational Appointments for 2024. The resolution was passed unanimously. Most were re-appointments. Jason Mondore, as a new Councilman, was appointed to serve on the Transfer Station, Town Hall, and Justice Court Committees as well as Recreation and Economic Development Committees.

In his report, Gladstone said he had consulted the Town attorney, David Merzig, about the request from the Committee to Review and Revise the Zoning Laws of the Hamlet which has asked for an immediate 2-year moratorium on any development of greenspace on properties of 5 acres or more.

Merzig said 6 months is the standard moratorium, perhaps extended to 9 months. He was disturbed by the expression “development of greenspace.” He would need more clarification. It was agreed to email his concerns to Bob Abbate, Chair of the Committee. And table their request for a moratorium for more study.

The streetscape benches have been repainted and will soon be installed.

Bouton gave a day-by-day review of the Highway Department’s activity. Al Mohr, not present, submitted a written account of his work as CEO.

During the time for public comment, someone voiced a concern that the committee to review and revise the Hamlet Zoning law included no one who lived in the Hamlet and no women. ~