By Mary Overly Davis

On the frigid night of January 18th, Andes residents turned out to share in Derek Curl’s triumphant finale to his much-lauded renovation of the Andes Hotel. As promised, it was a “huge” event in the newly remodeled Green Room. After the packed room of partiers completed their dinners, Derek introduced the Magnolia Network/HBOMAX film, In With the Old.

Even though I saw the segment on TV, seeing it with the community, hearing the whoops and hollers as each consultant, contractor, and local collaborator and artist who was introduced was visible moving affirmation of Andes’ camaraderie and pride in our town. Besides the charismatic and visionary ring leader, Derek, there were many others that made the project happen. Some but not all include Ray Lafever, a local historian; the contractor, Luke van Unen; the designer, Heather Kerr; an artist was commissioned to do a modern interpretation of the Anti-Rent War which now hangs in the “green room”;  a  landscape contractor, and several residents who chipped in with their time, equipment, and expertise. After the show we were welcome to visit a few of the renovated motel rooms. Wow! They are so cool! Outfitted with a level of design detail rarely seen in hotel rooms, they are created for comfort, efficiency and delight.

Derek did Andes a good turn by showcasing our little hamlet in the Catskills. We hope he felt the love and appreciation. I, for one, am very happy Derek Curl isn’t going anywhere!~

Heather Kerr, Derek Curl, Luke vanUnen in fron of the Anti Rent mural