By Diane Lockspeiser

Like so many others, we awoke on Monday, December 11th to a cold house with no electricity. Thanks to wood stoves and bottled water, we were fine, but that snow was so wet and heavy that I didn’t get very far clearing the paths and driveway that day.

The next day I was dreading getting out there to continue clearing, because I expected the wet snow to have frozen solid as it usually does when the temperature drops. It was a miracle! Somehow most of the snow had turned to powder! I have never seen it do that before. I got out one of my trusty brooms (I keep one at each doorway as well as the one for inside) and started sweeping.

Our driveway was full of small trees that had bent over under the weight of ice and snow on their branches. Using the broom to whack the snow off and shake the trees free, I overdid it. My poor broom snapped by the time I got to the end of the driveway. Since it was icier down there, I fetched my ice chopper instead of another broom.

As I chopped the ice and pushed it aside, my neighbor stopped by to chat. When I told him that I broke my broom, he said “Oh no! How will you get around?!!”

Wise guy!~