By Peter Calvert
Planning Board Meeting, December 11

Harlan Dye, Chair, Bill Palmer, Frank Winkler, Art Reed, Cricket Keys, Eric Van Benschoten  (Absent: Joanne Callahan), Support Staff: Kent Manuel, DelCo; Al Mohr, CEO; Joanne Boerner, Clerk.

Public: John Andrews, Rob De Oude, Nicholas Frandsen, Nicole Bassis, Regul Koopman, Peter Calvert, Andes Gazette.

Nicole Bassis, chef, and Regul Koopman, a recently relocated NYC couple, have bought the Two Old Tarts restaurant building on Lee Lane just behind the Tin Horn building on Main Street in the Hamlet. They submitted preliminary details of a bistro, wine bar and café where Ms. Bassis, with her 15 years of experience as both caterer and private chef in NYC, will be in charge of the kitchen. She has been trying out new menu items which Mr. Koopman noted he lately has been indulging in but wishes that the community can enjoy soon. They will determine their hours and launch a new name, still to be determined, for the establishment. As the building has not operated as a restaurant in the past two years, they need to apply to reactivate the special use permit previously issued to its past proprietors. A 239 referral was made to the DelCo Planning Board as they are within 500 feet of Route 28, which Kent Manuel will present for these new owners. A public hearing for final approval was set for January 8th, 2024 at 6 pm.

Rob De Oude presented a proposal for a minor Boundary Line Adjustment on Main Street to convey a small amount of land for setbacks from plots owned by neighbors John Andrews and Leo Koenig to be attached to the edge of De Oude’s property for his construction of a garage. Neighbors are amenable and the Planning Board had no objections to the proposal, but a singular survey is required of solely the areas in question to be conveyed, not the entire acreage of all three properties. This lower cost survey qualification was approved, and De Oude is to return to the Planning Board with copies of the completed singular survey.

Nicholas Frandsen presented once again the subdivision request for Mr. Howard Kipnes on Fall Clove Road. The Delhi Fire Department will not provide prior approval for whether a road on a steep grade with switchbacks would be accessible by fire and emergency vehicles until it is built. Apparently, the expense to build it would be considerable to do without knowing if it will function. One of the properties proposed for the subdivision is across the edge of the Town of Andes into Delhi (near the Hamden line). The proposed new serpentine road with frequent switchbacks through a thin flagpole lot leads to a landlocked new subdivision just into Delhi but requires access through the Town of Andes. Questions previously raised referred to the grade of the roads, the water displacement of that road, and its proximity to a watercourse. The turning radius at the sharp switchback turns and required radius for fire and other emergency vehicles to safely access a property were discussed. Mr. Frandsen asked what he could offer to his client as a path forward. The Planning Board recommended consulting with the Andes Fire Department and the NY State Fire and Safety Authorities. Mr. Frandsen noted all the questions and suggestions that arose and will consult with his client.

Al Mohr, Town Code Enforcement Officer, submitted a list of the requirements he shared with Joanne Callahan for operating under code a seasonal commercial real estate office for a property she owns on Main Street.~