Excerpted from a November 9, 2023 Reporter article by J. Lawrence-Bauer with permission

Residents of Andes breathed a collective sigh of relief late Saturday, November 4, when they learned that a cow missing for more than 2 weeks had been found alive and well. The joy of those who followed the saga was doubled when they learned that during her absence from the farm of Richard and Roger Liddle, the cow had delivered a calf and was caring for it in the woods nearby. According to Kim Terpenning, Roger Liddle’s girlfriend and organizer of a search party which helped find the unnamed bovine, she was spotted by Chris Schaumloffel and Diana Rose near the crest of Hyzer Hill, in a thicket of woods and underbrush one half to three-quarters of a miles from the farm. The Liddles speculated that the cow, recently purchased from Martin and Peggy Liddle, was so close to calving that a move from one farm to another had riled her along with 2 other cows to depart the farm. Roger had let the cows out to mingle with the rest of his herd. Unfortunately, instead of mingling, the two disappeared. With farm hand Cody Ruff, Liddle searched for the two and eventually spotted them, but the pair would not be coaxed back.

  October 20 was the first in a series of Facebook posts by Kim that alerted the community about the cows’ disappearance and asked everyone to be on the lookout. On October 21 word came that the cows had been spotted near a pond at the home of Ronnie Burton. Two “found” cows were gotten home to find the missing cow. The area was scoured with every type of all-terrain vehicle imaginable, people on foot, and drones. The cow was finally located, and with a newborn calf! The cow, protective of her calf, had gone into “wild” mode and was inclined to charge or run if anyone got close. Trailcams and drones kept the cow and calf in sight, grain and hay were delivered to the site each day; coral fencing on loan from Bud Gladstone enabled them to be encircled, gradually reducing the circumference of the fencing, thereby decreasing their roaming territory.

Kim exuded thanks and relief and a cry with joy on her Facebook page where she had posted daily, as hundreds followed, to announce the happy ending: the cow and her calf were brought home.~


A message from Kim Terpenning:

   I would like to thank my team (friends), Diana Rose, Chris Schaumloffel (Waffle), Lester Bourke, Ritchie Gabriel, Harry Dutton, Josh Balcom, Kristy Balcom, Peter Ames, Kevin Sullivan from Burn Ayr Farm. Roger Liddle and I and my friend Jenn E Meres who traveled the trails with me a week 1/2 ago.

She is in sight, she is with her calf and looks well.

Would like to thank Mark Rossley for using his drone even though he pulled no results.~