By Peter Calvert

Planning Board Meeting, November 13

Planning Board: Harlan Dye, Chair, Bill Palmer, Frank Winkler, Art Reed, Eric Van Benschoten, Joanne Callahan, (Absent: Cricket Keys) Support Staff: Kent Manuel, DelCo, Al Mohr, CEO, Joanne Boerner, Clerk. Public: Eric Ball, Chris Long, DJ Long, Theresa Ferriano, DelCo Planning Board, Peter Calvert, Andes Gazette.

A Public Hearing was held for Chris and DJ Long’s Allison Oil proposed purchase of a new self-containment Oil Storage Tank for their home heating oil company. Pre-approved by the DEC and the DEP, there were no negative comments from the Public. Their Special Use permit was approved as amended to allow the new tank that they will install forthwith.

Following another quiet Public Hearing, Eric Ball’s proposal was approved for a minor Boundary Line Adjustment off the Tremperskill Road to convey a sliver of land (0.19 acres) for a leach field from a plot owned by Mary and Donald Noheji to be attached to the edge of Mark Zilberman and Mami Sugimura’s plot of land.

Planning Board Member Joanne Callahan presented before the Planning Board, following her temporary recusal in the matter of a property she owns on Main Street and her ongoing plans, dating back several years, for operating commercial real estate selling structures on that land. In order to resolve the proposal questions, Chairman Dye requested that for the December meeting Callahan bring all the notes and documents she has detailing the history of her proposed projects and Al Mohr, Town Code Enforcement Officer, do the same for the official office documents.

The Planning Board discussed ADA compliance of town businesses and whether there were exceptions allowable given the era of their construction, the preservation of their historical nature, and the physical structures of the existing Hamlet buildings. Also noted was the “cheek by jowl” nature of the lots within the Hamlet. The Planning Board will continue to research ADA requirements. Also discussed was where area Airbnbs stood with relation to going through the permitting process for allowable operation. The CEO is sending letters to Airbnb owners who have not yet complied with the Town’s permit regulations.~