THE WAY WE WERE – November 2023

Culled by Judy Garrison
From October 1923 issues of
The Andes Recorder
100 Years Ago


Events of a week as chronicled by
the Man on the Street

Mt. Pisgah was white with snow on the morning of November 1.

Mrs. Mary Hitt, widow of the late Thomas Hitt, died at the home of her daughter… at the age of 74 years. Her maiden name was Warren and she was born in Andes on April 12, 1849, her entire life, excepting the last two years, had been spent in the town….She is survived by twelve of the fourteen children born to the couple—seven daughters and five sons—also by 37 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.

It is stated that a calf which died on the Gerry estate at Lake Delaware last week was valued at $10,000.

The origin of the fire which last Friday morning destroyed the general store of W. C. Oliver, hardware store of C. W. Hulbert & Sons, residence of Geo. Marx and partly burned the residence of Geo. Polley, is as much a mystery as ever. It is agreed that the fire started in the Oliver store just back of the office and those first on the scene say that there was no fire in the feed room. The firemen were handicapped by the lack of force to the water. The reservoir was full but there was low pressure. In former years with only the original spring there was a heavy pressure and water could be thrown over the spire of the U.P. church, and it required two good men to hold the nozzle. Why the difference?

The Department of Labor reports that retail food price during October increased four-tenths of one per cent over those of September. For the past year the increase was five per cent and this was an increase of 44 per cent over prices of 10 years ago.~