By Judy Garrison

On October 17th I called Glen Nealis, Director of the County’s IDA, to inquire about the status of the Catskills Harvest property (once the site of the Andel Inn and many other businesses) on State Route 28. (The story of the dramatic rise  and precipitous fall of that store/event space and its grifts was related in quite some detail in both The Reporter and The Mountain Eagle.) He told me that since there was no formal response over the Summer to a Request for Proposal (RFP) for use and purchase, they have decided to put the property on the market. Catskill Country Living has been given the listing, and was today taking exterior photos, with interior ones to follow. The listed price is $450,000. By the time the November Gazette is distributed there should be For Sale signs out and activity in the works.

To my question about the progress in recouping losses suffered by agricultural vendors due to non-payment of bills by the former tenant (and he stressed that the relationship between the IDA and her was that of lender and tenant only; it was her business), he offered good news. The IDA used funds released from foreclosures on equipment to pay off debts. The Delaware County agricultural vendors have received 100% of what was owed; non-county vendors have received 75% of what was owed.

To clarify all the abbreviations (well maybe), the Delaware County Economic Development Agency is a county department that acts as an umbrella agency for the IDA (the Industrial Development Agency) and the LDC (the Local Development Corporation), helping to fund and administer their various programs and projects.~