Deputy Supervisor Shayne Moshier Recognized for Longtime Service

Pool Report: Season’s Successes and Physical Challenges Ahead

By Peter Calvert

Present: Supervisor Bud Gladstone; Councilmen Ritchie Gabriel, Thomas Hall, Dale Cole; Town Clerk Carol Ames; Highway Superintendent John Bouton; (Code Enforcement Office Al Mohr, Excused).

In the Town Hall: Rachel Andrews, Peter Ames, Bob Abbate, Eric Van Benschoten, Jason Frank, Vinny Lopez, Elizabeth DeFalco, The Reporter, Peter Calvert, Andes Gazette.

Zoom: Travis Balcom, Sherry, Chantal.

A moment of silence was observed for recently deceased Deputy Supervisor Shayne Moshier. Kind words were spoken of him by Bud Gladstone as he respectfully noted Shayne’s longtime service to the community. Shayne died August 24th and his seat will remain open through the end of his term. At some point in the future Bud will announce a new Deputy Supervisor. An election for the Council seat was already scheduled in November and the Republican Party can nominate a candidate in his place for that election.

   Regular Meeting: The Pool had a successful season from late June through Labor Day thanks to the hard work and talents of Rachel Andrews and her many lifeguards.  Approximately 500 people used the Pool per week and 150 students took lessons.  Families found exercise opportunities and solace from the heat there and South Kortright continued sending busloads to share use of our Pool. However, the Pool is facing major repairs before next year’s season. The liner has concrete chunks breaking loose under it and the women’s bathroom has mold and moisture issues. The Pool leaks water somewhere and daily it required topping up, as well as having other areas needing immediate attention. The Board recognized the vitality of the Town Pool and the dedication of the staff and will investigate the needed repairs, their costs, and the timeframes for accomplishing these renovations.

Highway Department: Two Little Dingle Hill residents are allowing a portion of their properties to be ceded to the Town to permit that road to be widened by the Highway Department to make it safer for traffic. A truck is being purchased for $60,000 and three vehicles currently owned placed as surplus for auction.

Town approved a 10% property tax exemption for qualifying members of volunteer fire and ambulance teams as well as fire department members. A public hearing at the October meeting will allow comments on this motion designed to recognize their service to the community. Benches in the Hamlet will be replaced with remaining Streetscape monies. Cell tower operation and activation still being looked into by two Verizon companies.

CEO Report: Issued 13 building permits, one renewal, 1 certificate of occupancy, fielded 3 complaints, conducted 29 inspections, took 31 office and 80 cellphone calls as well as numerous emails and meetings.~