LIBRARY NOTES – October 2023



By Pamela West-Finkle

Happy Fall!  This is the most glorious time to be in the Catskills. With the amount of rain we had this year, the colors are bound to be spectacular and hopefully will last a little longer than usual.  As those of us who have been here awhile know, all it takes is a good hard rain, an early snowstorm, or a blustery day in the mountains to bring all of the leaves down in one big drop, leaving our trees bare earlier than our neighbors in Woodstock or Kingston.

The other thing that Fall brings is more time to cozy up with your favorite book with a nice hot cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa.  We have plenty to choose from this month!  Check out our new books list and remember to come peruse the sale on the porch.  When the weather turns, we will take the DVDs and any better hardcover books upstairs.  The sale is ongoing, but we can’t leave good items on the porch past snowfall.

New Books to the Library! We are successfully managing to keep our new books on our shelves for a couple of months so that our patrons are able to get them first without having to wait forever on a holds list.  Although we do recommend using the site to order and renew from home for our computer savvy patrons, if it is a brand new book, please call or email us to see if we have it before placing it on hold.  Because many of the libraries are holding back their new books, there are holds piling up and we wouldn’t want our patrons to have to wait for a book on hold when we have it sitting on our shelves.

Fall Cleanup Garden Prep Day – Saturday, October 21st:  12 noon to 3 pm. We need volunteers and gardeners to help with preparing our beds and containers for Spring planting. We will be having some soil delivered to fill containers and planters, and we need to do some raking, trimming and transplanting of bushes. We will be cleaning out the bed along the back of the springhouse and sprucing up the front.

Halloween is Tuesday, October 31st! If you wish to see the costume parade from the school, the children usually march past the library a little after 1 pm and come back for stories and treats once they’ve visited the bank.  In midafternoon, we’ll be starting off the Trick or Treating with a special Spooky Song & Story time.  Bring the little ones in costume to have a Halloween Party from 3:30 to 4:30, then take them out on the town afterwards if you plan to trick or treat in the community.  We will stay open until 7 pm handing out treats and providing warm drinks to chilly ghosts and ghouls.

Local Author Book Talk November 4th:  Looking into the beginning of next month, on Friday November 4th at 4 pm, local author Althea Damgaard, will be giving a book talk on her book Champions of Light. This fantasy science fiction book presents themes of Light vs. Dark and is available on Amazon.  Discounted paperback copies will be on hand for $10 directly from the author.~