By Joanne Kosuda-Warner

Our new exhibition, “Wish You Were Here: Real Photo Postcards of Andes” opens July 8 at the Hunting Tavern.  The show’s focus is the postcard views snapped by amateurs as well as professional photographers from around 1900 to 1930. In 1903 Kodak introduced a new version of its popular Brownie Box Camera that produced a postcard size negative that could be printed onto a blank card. Suddenly it was possible for anyone to take a photo of their neighbor, events of the day, or a local landmark and turn it into a postcard.

A wide range of subjects are on display, including many local homes, businesses, celebrations and newsworthy events. Over 50 cards will be displayed. Some have been enlarged for easier viewing. The postcards have been selected from the collections of Jeanette Liddle (who donated her extensive collection to the ASHC), Dorothy Andrews, Jim Andrews and Lynn Cappiello. The Hunting Tavern Museum is open Saturdays from 11- 4 until mid-October.~