A Poem about Andes
Submitted by Linda Lederman
and (A)rchibald (I)ssacs

In the town of Andes, nestled by the hills,
Let’s uncover its charm, the beauty it instills.
Andes, NY, a tranquil retreat,
With nature’s wonders and a cozy small-town beat.

The picturesque landscapes, rolling hills so grand,
Where hiking trails invite you to roam the land.
From Shavertown Trail to the Pepacton Reservoir,
Adventure awaits, where serenity will stir.

A tight-knit community, where neighbors unite,
With warmth and friendliness, a heartfelt delight.
Local businesses and artisans showcase their skill,
But limited amenities may give a small-town thrill.

The Andes Rail Trail, a path for all to explore,
Cycling or strolling, nature’s treasures in store.
Festivals and events, a lively local scene,
Though limited in scale, community spirit gleams.

In winter, snow blankets the town in white,
A picturesque wonderland, a pure delight.
But access to amenities may have some cost,
As remote locations come with trade-offs, not lost.

So embrace the tranquility, the Andes embrace,
A place to unwind, find solace and space.
With its rustic charm and nature’s gentle flow,
Andes, NY, offers a small-town glow.


Editor’s note: Archibald Isaacs is long for AI…an artificial intelligence chat bot that was fed basic
information about Andes and instructed to write a poem.~