By Peter Calvert

Planning Board met May 8th with Harlan Dye, Chair, Bill Palmer, Frank Winkler, Art Reed, Cricket Keys present. Absent: Joanne Callahan. Joanne Boerner, Clerk. Al Mohr, CEO and Kent Manuel, DelCo were present also.

Public: Nick Frandsen, Victor Fairbairn, Andrew Didio, Peter Calvert, Andes Gazette.

Andrew Didio presented a client’s proposal regarding 391 Little Dingle Hill Road. They wish to build a septic system to service a new guest house on their property. This system would be a “hold and haul” system, as the hillside of the sector next to the guest house has a steep pitch that would not accommodate a leach field system. The State Health Department would authorize this type of system and the DEP has indicated it would consider going along with the recommendation. A contract would need to be ongoing with a hauling company for regular emptying of the holding tank, perhaps each six months. The Planning Board seemed favorable but full approval is pending further steps by other agencies.

Secondly, Victor Fairbairn represented Vera Dietrick for a minor subdivision at 263 Jones Hollow Road. 3.5 acres would be divided into plots of 1 acre and 2.5 acres. Approved to go to Public Hearing June 12, after alerting the neighbors.

Finally, Nick Frandsen presented a new revised plan for a subdivision for Mr. Kipnes on Fall Clove Road. The proposal would create a new serpentine road with frequent switchbacks to allow access through a thin flagpole lot to a landlocked section of land proposed as a subdivision. Questions raised by the Planning Board referred to the grade of the roads, the water displacement that would occur from this shape of road and whether it was too close to a watercourse. Also, what would be the turning radius at the sharp switchback turns and what is the required radius for fire and other emergency vehicles to safely access a property? Mr. Frandsen noted all the questions that arose and will consult with his client and pursue the answers.~