By Peter Calvert

The Town of Andes Board Meeting, May 9, 7 PM.

Present: Supervisor Bud Gladstone. Councilmen Ritchie Gabriel, Thomas Hall, Dale Cole, Shayne Moshier, Town Clerk Carol Ames, Code Enforcement Officer Al Mohr. Highway Superintendent John Bouton, Excused.

In the Town Hall:  Frank Winkler, Chris Caiazza, David Reed, Bob Abbate, Eric Van Benschoten, Elizabeth DeFalco, The Reporter, Peter Calvert, Andes Gazette.

Zoom: Tom Suozzo, Brian Suozzo, Becca Farsace, Mark Pezzati, Vincent Comperatore, Travis Balcom.

   Privilege of the Floor: Chris Caiazza presented a proposal to allow all terrain vehicles (ATVs) legal access to drive on town roads. They are a club of ATV users and feel regulating ATV road privileges will be a safer alternative to current unregulated road use. The Town Board will check with their attorney and discuss the matter for further review. No decision was made regarding the proposal.

Suozzo brothers Tom and Brian of Cedarwood Engineering discussed well and water issues. Grant applications are being pursued that would pay 60% of the $2,588,550 estimated cost to build two wells on New Cemetery Road for water district use. Unsuccessful in the last round of WIIA grants, Tom Suozzo’s explained that it may take applying again to be awarded these grants.

   Regular Meeting: Pool should open by end of June for the Summer.

Eric Van Benschoten of Andes was voted to a seven-year term on the Planning Board to take the slot vacated when John Reynolds stepped down. He will move from the Zoning Board of Appeals to the Planning Board, creating an opening on the Zoning Board.

Library sign needs to be repaired; Al Mohr volunteered to fix the sign.

A committee with representation from the Board (Shayne Moshier), the Planning Board (Eric Van Benschoten), the Zoning Board (Bob Abbate) and the Code Enforcement Officer (Al Mohr)  was formed to reexamine the town zoning laws as they haven’t been reviewed in 30 years.

CEO Report: Mohr issued 11 building permits, one flood plain permit, 3 building permits, one flood plain permit, 3 certificates of occupancy, and received numerous emails and telephone calls and had many meetings.

The Highway Dept. employees filled potholes, cleared brush, swept roads, and kept up their safety training. Meeting Adjourned.~