By Candy Chin, Co-owner of the Tremperskill Country Store

   Today, May 10, at the Shaver Hollow cemetery, I said last goodbyes to my friend Delores. She was a happy person, robust and young at heart. We were friends, which meant as much to me as the store does.

Each of the four previous Tremperskill Country Store owners added their personal touches: Louie Aragona, Willis Tremper, Link Abrams…Then came Delores and her husband Charlie—for the next thirty years!  Eddie and I are the fifth set of owners.

We have inherited a living, breathing store, which has kept me happy for fourteen years. The people who come here are the heart of it.

But! I also inherited a good friend, along with the warmth of Sonny, Mary-ann and John. The warmth is a family trait, and I’ll be keeping in touch with each of them just because.

Our first ten years here had people coming in, asking for her pies, warning me that “no one makes a sandwich like Delores,” and some guys who were checking on her availability for a DATE!

Through it all, she was my friend in the truest sense. So, I had double luck—the country store I love with all my heart, and Delores as a friend.~