In The Fuller Hill Kids Deborah L. Gladwell has given the reader a heartfelt memoir about her childhood in Corbett, including schooling in Downsville and visits to Finkle family in Andes.

My own suburban childhood was so different from her rural one, replete with the rituals of the day and the seasons: milking of the cows, the raising and slaughtering of animals, berrying, apple pressing, maple sugaring, bathing in the local swimming hole, fishing and hunting. And of course her recounting of the strong sensory impressions she received during food preparation, the changing of the seasons, her observation of house interiors. I grew familiar in my twenties with all of these when I was thrust into the dairy culture of Delaware County, so even I was able to identify with her young discoveries and the steeping in mountain life. And any female could feel their own nostalgia rise as she recounts her emotions around the landmarks of early adolescence: the mean girls, the babysitting jobs, the tight friendships and meaningful family relationships.   Judy Garrison

A sprightly, warm, family-centered celebration of life. Since I summered in Corbett as a child, it felt very familiar to me. I enjoyed learning about the close-knit Finkle clan gathering on Fuller Hill in Corbett and here in Andes. Delightful memoir.   Buffy Calvert

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