By Buffy Calvert

To open the meeting on March 21st, Town Supervisor Wayland (Bud) Gladstone asked Councilmen Shayne Mosier, Dale Cole, Ritchie Gabriel and Tom Hall as well as Town Clerk Carol Ames, Deputy Clerk Jan Elwood, Al Mohr, CEO, and John Bouton, Highway Superintendent, to observe a moment of silence to honor Bruce Melvin who had long served the Town.

Guests present included Frank Winkler, Vinnie Lopez, Peter Ames, operating the Zoom, Elizabeth DeFalco, Reporter, and Buffy Calvert, Gazette.

Gladstone reported that he had reached out to State Senator Oberacker and Representative Molinari to get cell service for Andes. Delaware Bulldozing will repair the tactile ground surface indicators that alert visually impaired persons that they are approaching a crosswalk which are in bad condition. Bouton summarized the efforts of the Highway Department to keep our roads clear during and after Winter snow storms.

After recording his inspections, building permits granted, calls received and miles driven, Mohr made a longer report on his new role as Project Manager of the flood mitigation work on Liddle Brook that runs through the school grounds from the bridge on Route 28 to the Tremperskill and on to the bridge on County Route 2 over the Tremperskill. It is a $2,000,000 project. The School Board is on board.

Mohr asked for a motion to seek permission from the Delco Soil & Water Commission to create a Flood Development Plan for the project. Moshier raised the objection that the brook had never overflowed its banks and that, since it is on school property, ACS should do the repairs where part of the wall had fallen.  The motion passed 4-1.

Warrants and bills were approved. Gabriel raised a question: Why no bill from MTC? Answer: We overpaid and got a credit! They carefully reviewed the Spring bids received and accepted lowest bids.

The next meeting will be held on April 11 at 6 pm. ~