By Buffy Calvert

The Town of Andes Planning Board met on Monday, March 20th. Clerk Joanne Boerner presented an agenda of three issues: Howard Kipnes’ major subdivision with the flag-lot, Cyndi Wright’s plans for a new creamery at Dirty Girl Farm and a minor subdivision on property owned by Dennis Bacon.

Nick Franzen, Kipnes’ attorney, unrolled new maps of the property on Fall Clove Road showing a large area in the Town of Delhi (the flag) which is approached by a narrow strip (the pole) in Andes. Kipnes wants to sell this lot (1 deed, 2 tax maps.) The problem is the steep rise from Fall Clove Road into the buildable area. Chair Harlan Dye and Board members Art Reed, Bill Palmer, Cricket Keyes and Frank Winkler, with input from Al Mohr (CEO) and Kent Manuel (Delco Planning), pored over the maps to see if switchbacks could be designed to meet grade requirements. Franzen will report to Kipnes and return when the analysis has been done and new maps drawn.

Cyndi Wright reported that the Andes Board of Education had given her the thumbs up to proceed with a new creamery. She intends to add a lab for ACS science students. Building plans are still in flux. The Board pointed out areas for her to consider. She will come back as plans jell.

Dennis Bacon owns a lot on Shaver Hollow Road shaped like a bowtie with a narrow strip joining the two sections. He wants to divide them but lacks sufficient frontage on Shaver Hollow Road for one of them. Therefore, the board denied his request. It will be appealed to the Zoning Board of Appeals which is expected to approve his request, in which case he may return to the Planning Board for a Public Hearing.

The Board will consider applicants for an open position on the Board at the next meeting, April 10 at 7 pm.~