THE WAY WE WERE – March 2023

Culled by Judy Garrison From March 1923 issues of
The Andes Recorder – 100 Years Ago

Events of a week as chronicled by the Man on the Street

James Mable is the temporary carrier of the mail between Andes and Delhi.


Rev. David G. Bruce died at his home in Des Moines Iowa, on February 23, aged 89 years. Mr. Bruce was a Lieutenant in a Pennsylvania cavalry regiment during the Civil war and one of the escorts of General “Phil Sheridan” on his famous ride to Winchester. He was a brother of the late Dr. Bruce of this village and will be remembered by the older people of this community. He is survived by a daughter Miss May Bruce of Des Moines, Iowa.


The large barn connected with what is known as the Miner hotel at Arena, was totally destroyed by fire soon after midnight Monday night, causing a loss of about $2,500. There was an insurance of only $600. The fire started in the back part of the building where, so far as known, no one had been recently, and its origin is a mystery. The firemen did excellent work and there was a good supply of water.


Corbett & Stuart are now employing a full force of men at their acid factory at Corbett. Eighty cords of wood is consumed daily and the output of alcohol, acetate and charcoal is about up to the amount produced during the late war.


The large barn of Liddle & Edwards on Perch Lake Hill, five miles from Andes, on what was formerly the Calvin Hull farm, was entirely destroyed by a fire which was discovered at about 8 o’clock on Thursday night, March 1. The farm machinery was also nearly all burned. The cows were gotten out but two were badly burned and one horse had to be killed. [Editor: There are many reports of total barn fires in these pages. The cause of this one, like others, is declared to be a mystery.]


Early last week it was stated that the water in the Andes reservoir was getting low. Even after the thaw it continued to get lower and Sabbath morning there was only six inches in the reservoir. Investigation revealed the fact that the new Dry Milk plant was using the village water from the pipes at the Co-Operative creamery to run their pan. This was stopped and the reservoir filled up in a short time. The Dry Milk is now pumping water from the Tremperskill. In case of a dry time further trouble is likely to be experienced as one creamery has a two and the other a three-inch pipe off the lower end of the main.


John H. Winne passed away about 9 o’clock Tuesday evening, March 13, at the home of James T. Aitken in Andes village….  He was united in marriage with Miss Jane A. Neild, of Andes and she died in 1901. Nine children were born to the couple and eight of these died before reaching the age of 12 years. A son Elisha James Winne was killed by a U&D train in 1905. The only immediate surviving member of the family is a grandson. Mr. Winne served from 1861-65 in the Civil War in Co. G, Regt. N.Y. V and was discharged with the rank of Sergeant.


The March term of supreme court convened at Delhi Monday morning at 10 o’clock, with Hon. George McCann presiding….Naturalization proceedings occupied a large part of the day. A list of the new citizens with their former nationality and present homes follows:

Frederick Losiger, Swiss, Bloomville.
Salvatore Leo, Italian, Hobart.
Guiseppe Sergio, Italian, Walton.
Ludwig Koh, Austrian, Halcottsville.
Samuel Sergent, English, Franklin.
Fortunato Possuelle, Italian, Bloomville.
Andres Madsen, Danish, Bloomville.
Joseph Dodderio, Italian, Corbett.
John Tischmecher, German, Arena.
Louis Hussing, German, Fish’s Eddy.
John Gielskie, Pole, Delancy.
Arthur Infusini, Italian, Delhi.
Carmeno Possomato, Italian, Delhi.
Domenico Fucci, Italian, Cadosia.
Frederick Arundel, English, Delhi.


Andes was visited by a severe wind storm early last Friday morning and the principal damage was the wrecking of the large barn on what is known as the Jackson farm on the west slope of Palmer Hill. Part of the roof of the barn was taken off and the entire east end of the structure above the stable was wrecked. Friday afternoon the remainder of the barn above the basement was pulled down. The barn was 25 feet to the eaves above the basement and the frame was of soft maple poles. These had powder-posted and weakened the structure. [Ed.: “powder-posted” refers to damage and weakening by powder post beetles which leave behind a sawdust-like powder.]


Palmer Hill snow drifts are being shoveled out to permit the running of wagons. On the Delhi road, between Andes and Bovina turn, cars have to be hauled out frequently. ~