By Peter Calvert

The Andes Planning Board met February 13 Board: Harland Dye, Chair, Bill Palmer, Katherine “Cricket” Keys, Frank Winkler, Joanne Callahan, and Art Reed. Assisting: JoAnn Boerner, Clerk, Kent Manuel, DelCo Planning Board, and Al Mohr, Town C.E.O. Present: Kevin Roe, Victor Fairbairn, Cyndi Wright, Eric Van Benshoten, and Peter Calvert, Andes Gazette.

Kevin Roe discussed the subdivision possibilities of a “flag lot” on property he is subdividing with his brother on Bussey Hollow. A “flag lot” is a piece of land that doesn’t meet the regular requirements to be a “lot” but can be used to allow a road to be constructed or for other access needs. It tapers narrow but long with a larger piece of land at the end—shaped like a flag. The new road  must be of a 12% grade or less to comply with regulations. Kevin will meet with his surveyor to see if this grade is possible at the place envisioned within the current property configuration.

Victor Fairbairn is a land surveyor who is trying to clear up a discrepancy dating back to 2014 for a client on Beech Hill Road where a property was subdivided and the appropriate new maps were submitted and filed. At that time, however, new separate deeds reflecting the changes were not created. Now, individual deeds are required for any future sales. Planning Board agreed the maps submitted in 2014 were still valid and can be used to generate the deeds at the next step and passed a motion acknowledging the same. Chair Harland Dye will generate a letter allowing Fairbairn and the owners to advance their process.

Dirty Girl Goat Farm in Andes floated Cyndi Wright and Lester Bourke’s proposal to expand by 60’ x 20’ the footprint of their Goat Barn and build out a new working Farm Barn. It would include a nursery for the kid goats and cover their hay and other farm activities. The project would require a variance from the School as the preliminary plans have the project close to the property line with the Andes School Bus Barn.

The Andes School Board was planning to meet Thursday, February16 and discuss the proposal. Cyndi and Lester need to check Ag Zone regulations for their Hamlet property. Also, water runoff from the roof surface will need to be captured or controlled as the property adjoins the creek. They will investigate all these issues as they advance their plans.

Al Mohr, Town Code Enforcement Officer, presented a proposal for Leo Koenig to purchase a house, a renovated barn, and some outbuildings on Main Street in the Hamlet from Andreas Gerdes. Leo has been maintaining the buildings and paying the taxes on them for the past 15 years without ownership. Andreas, who is not a current resident of the USA, has agreed to the sale if he can hold on to 1.9 acres of undeveloped land on the hillside behind the developed portion. The issue is providing road access to the property behind if the two are subdivided. Al and the interested parties with look closely at the plot maps and try to work out a solution to allow the sale to go forward for Leo, and via Andreas’ local proxy. ~

Leo Koenig House