By Peter Calvert

Andes Planning Board, December 12, Board: Frank Winkler, Chair, John Reynolds, Bill Palmer, Harland Dye, Katherine “Cricket” Keys, Joanne Callahan. Excused: Art Reed. Assisting: JoAnn Boerner, Clerk, Kent Manuel, DelCo Planning Board, and Al Mohr, Town C.E.O. Present: Travis Balcom, TAB Construction, Bud Gladstone, Town Supervisor, Peter Calvert, Andes Gazette.

Travis Balcom presented his application for remodeling of the Old Town Garage on Route 28 just outside the Hamlet. He had the highest sealed bid on the property earlier this year. He plans to run his 3 everyday businesses out of there: TAB Construction; TAB Thermal; and TAB Disposal. Minimal external changes will remove two small structures from each side of the building and replace the entranceway with blacktop paving, landscaping, and a modest-sized sign. The building will get a new roof and new siding and a rear mezzanine loft at the back. A construction assistance Restore New York Communities Initiative Grant is being sought in conjunction with the Town through the MARK Project. Application must go in late January 2023.

Water runoff from the blacktop must be assessed as the brook runs behind the property, but overall the project does not require a Special Use Permit (SUP) as the function of the building is ongoing and has been in use over the previous two years for storage. Planning Board waived the need for SUP. Bud will follow up with the Town Board.

John Reynolds is retiring from the Planning Board.  He has served our town for over 40 years (as well as being our voice on the County Planning Board.)  I know I have relied on his excellent knowledge and memory.  His demeanor has always made him a pleasure to work with.  I relied on his input.  He will be missed by all of us.  Fortunately, he will still be a member of our community,” Frank Winkler, Chair, announced.

This was announced in Executive Session, but Winkler subsequently shared with the Gazette the process going forward. Over the next few months, the Town Board will vote among the candidates on John Reynold’s replacement on the Planning Board.  Candidates need to be actively dedicated to our community. Incidentally, no one currently on the board lives in the Hamlet. It could be helpful to have an ear on the Hamlet’s present concerns and aspirations for the future: parking; speeding; noise; commerce; and activities.  Any interested resident of the Hamlet or Town should write a Letter of Interest to Bud Gladstone, Town Board Supervisor.~