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GARDEN THERAPY: My Parting Wisdom (or at least opinions:)

GARDEN THERAPY: My Parting Wisdom (or at least opinions:)

After nine years of writing this column, it is seriously hard to know what to write for a final offering. I don’t want to be pithy, mushy or too matter-of-fact.
The truth is that it has been great fun and such a learning experience to write for the Andes Gazette.

ANDES ALSO ROCKS – December 2022

As of November 11th Winter touched Andes. I started only the third fire of the season, which coincided with my bringing in a couple of heads of cabbage, plus using the last of my summer tomatoes— impressed that 95% of the 100+ green cherry tomatoes I had picked ripened on the windowsill.

BOOK REVIEW: LUCY BY THE SEA by Elizabeth Strout – December 2022

BOOK REVIEW: LUCY BY THE SEA by Elizabeth Strout - December 2022

    In Lucy by the Sea, the sequel to Oh, William (reviewed here last year), Strout has once again adopted a plain, down-to-earth manner. The speaker sounds neither highly educated nor very articulate, but comes across as an ordinary person with no claim to being special. If anything, the tone is more flat-footed than ever. But the enterprise is not pedestrian.

 ME AND MY CARS – December 2022

My recent cars, seemingly good purchases at the time, became fraught with problems, including those anxiety-inducing dashboard warnings that persist despite reassurances from mechanics that they portend nothing.

LIBRARY NOTES – December 2022

LIBRARY NOTES - December 2022

    It has come to our attention that people who signed up for a digital library card over the pandemic via will need to make sure they have picked up their physical card, which is a different barcode number.


   Our students have lost so many opportunities over the last couple of years, but we were able to provide lots of fun events on Halloween.  We would like to thank the Andes branch of Wayne Bank and the Andes Public Library for inviting our littlest ones to visit them during their parade through town.