By Diane Lockspeiser

If one spends enough time at the library, eventually one needs to use the restroom. Ours at the Andes Public Library happens to be newly built, and is nice and roomy in order to be handicapped accessible. As a result, there’s a big wall that proved awkward to decorate because of the big plastic baby-changing table that is attached right smack in the middle of that wall. Conveniently handy, but rather ugly to look at as one sits on the toilet.

At least that was my opinion, and others agreed. Since handling such situations was what I had done for a living for 20 years, I have taken this challenge on as a retirement project, free of charge. I’ve gotten rather lazy about doing any artwork, especially since I don’t have nearly the stamina as I used to, so this will be good for me as well as benefiting the library that I love.

Since I’m only putting in a few hours a week, the details will evolve slowly. The basic background is already done.

I have my own ideas of what will be added, such as a deer, or certain birds, or of course a chipmunk or two or three, but I would love to hear ideas from the community.

What is your favorite local plant or animal that you would like to see included? Leave a message for me with anyone working at the library and I will try to add in whatever is appropriate.

Thank you, and I hope you love the end results.~