By Dave Biswurm

 The Andes Fire Department and EMS Emergency Squad want to remind residents of the critical importance of having your house number posted and clearly visible in the event you need emergency services.  Your address (house number) should be clearly printed on a sign or mailbox directly in front of your home or at the driveway leading to it.  The larger the numbers the better.  The numbers should also be visible from both sides as you never know from which direction help may be coming.  Reflective numbers make it easier to find and read in darkness.

There is nothing worse than calling 911 (for Police/Fire/Ambulance assistance) and anxiously waiting for them to arrive and then seeing them drive right past your home because they can’t see your address.  With the implementation of the phone 911 system, all residences and properties were assigned an address number.  This made it much simpler to reach Police, Fire or Emergency Medical Services and for them to find you once they arrived.

Because each home/business/property has been assigned a consecutive address number on a road or street, we no longer use the red fire number signs from years ago.  If you have one of the small red signs that say Andes Fire District with a number on it, please remove it if possible.  They are no longer used and could actually be confusing.  If you have any questions regarding the above, feel free to stop by the Andes Fire House at 5259 County Highway 1 any Tuesday night at 7 pm.  We are also always looking for new firefighters and EM’s (Emergency Medical Technicians) if you are willing to take the training.~