By Peter Calvert

Town of Andes Board, May 10, 2022, 7 pm, Regular Meeting.

Present: Supervisor Bud Gladstone. Councilmen Thomas Hall, Dale Cole, Absent and Excused: Shayne Moshier, Ritchie Gabriel. Highway Superintendent John Bouton, Town Clerk Kimberly Tosi, Code Enforcement Office Alfred Mohr. In the Town Hall:  August Vergallito, Eric Van Benschoten, Peter Calvert-Andes Gazette.

Others via Zoom: Juliena Luecking, Pia Dehne, Jason Frank, William Palmer, TabCo, Ryann, Brit Geiger, Lillian Browne, The Reporter, Adam Ravinovitch, Murat Orozobekov, Tim Lyons.
Privilege of the Floor: Mr. Vergallito requested a meeting date with the highway superintendent and supervisor to review the repairs needed on Stevens Road. Set a meeting for Friday, May 13th.

   Regular Meeting: Supervisor’s report: Met with Tom Suozzo and NYC DEP at a potential gas station site. A meeting with NYS DEC will be set up in the future. All is moving forward and still looking promising. Will be setting up a meeting with Delaware Bulldozing and Delaware County Soil and Water District to go over how to solve freezing issue at 246 Delaware Ave. It will be quite costly to bore under State Highway 28, so alternatives are being explored for cheaper solutions. Delaware County has approved to move forward with the County Ambulance Service. The new Behavior Center in Walton will hold an open house on May 17th. A letter was mailed to the Delhi Animal Hospital asking for their involvement in setting up free rabies clinic in Andes, through Delaware County Public Health. Travis Balcom, TAB Construction, says the town clock will be installed soon on Main Street.

   CEO/Building Inspector Report: 6 municipal searches completed, 2 permit renewals, 19 new permits (1 new home and 1 modular home), 1 demo permit and 18 inspections completed. Highway Report: Work is ongoing for the truck rebuild. Waiting on pails that are taking a while to arrive following order.

   Transient Rental law fees discussed by the Board and these fees passed:  Initial Application for each rental unit: $300.00, Renewal fee: $100.00. The application for transient rental permits is now available on the Town’s website. Applications should be submitted to the Town as soon as possible. As passed by the Board, the initial permit fee $300, payable via check or money order to the Town of Andes.~