THE WAY WE WERE – May 2022

Culled by Judy Garrison With commentary by Jim Andrews
From May 1922 issues of
The Andes Recorder
100 Years Ago

WEEK IN AND ABOUT ANDES –  Events of a week as chronicled by
the Man on the Street

Mrs. Thomas Cowan passed away at her home on Palmer Hill, on Friday April 28, after an illness of a few hours from acute indigestion. She was taken ill Thursday evening and nothing gave relief. Her maiden name was Minerva Neidig and she was born in Union Grove 52 years ago….  [Ed.: I think that these days a heart attack would be suspected. Any medical personnel want to weigh in?]


Two Delhi painters, Fred T. Gilbert and E. B. Gerowe, have secured the work of redecorating the Robert Gerry mansion in Southern Bovina. This is a large contract, including both the interior and exterior work on the large palace-like summer home. They commenced the work Monday.


According to tales furnished by the Federal Prohibition Enforcement Bureau, there was considerable activity last year in Delaware and adjoining counties relative to the Volstead Act and state liquor tax enforcement statistics for 1921 are as follow:  Delaware—10 indictments, 5 pending, 5 convicted, 1 suspended sentence, $400 fines.


How many of the older inhabitants remember the winter of 1873-4? The following two paragraphs from the Oneonta Herald of May 1, 1874, will interest everybody and refresh your memory.

“This is the seventh month in which we have had almost continuous snow. The first snow fell early in October and the month of October goes out with the earth dressed in a mantle of white to the depth of several inches”

“From October 7, 1873, to April 1, 1874, 80 inches of snow fell, and at least 36 inches have fallen since that time, making a total of 116 inches.”


George R. McNair has been laid up the past week with poisoning in both of his feet, which is thought to have been caused by the coloring used in his socks.


The American medical profession was warned by its official head that the public is getting tired of paying for over-specialization and is demanding return of the good old general practitioner and family physician.


There is no drouth in Andes so far as something to drink is concerned and wet goods are alleged to be on tap in several places either in the town or not far distant. Even a still is hinted. [Jim Andrews: This is, of course, during the Prohibition Era.]


An effort should be made to secure a front entrance to the Hilton Memorial High School property across the former “Cottage Row” land now owned by J. Alex Stott. It is reported that two houses may be built on the property this season. Action should be taken before it is too late. [JA: Hilton Memorial High School was located approximately where the backstop for the ball field is and faced Lower Main Street.  The only entrance to the property was from Delaware Avenue.  The effort to have a bridge over the Tremperskill stream to provide a “front” entrance to the school failed and the two houses were, indeed, constructed.  Those being the home of Dr. Moore and former home of  Rima Walker.]


Attend the dance in Union Hall, [JA: the Tin Horn Building] Andes, N.Y. on Friday evening, June 2d. Plenty of waltzs [sic] and square dances. Music by Pease 5 Piece Orchestra.


William Marshall, the gamekeeper on the Gerry estate at Lake Delaware, has shot and trapped 58 hawks this season. The dead hawks are of several different species and are hanging in a row, fastened to a wire fence. On the estate about 2,000 pheasant eggs and about the same number of wild duck eggs are in process of incubation. The eggs are hatched by hens in individual coops located out in the open fields.~