Submitted by Judy Garrison

This reporter arrived at Town Hall for the 7 pm meeting to find lights out. (I later learned that Chair Frank Winkler’s wife had just tested positive for Covid, precipitating abrupt change of plans.) I finally located a sheet at entry to Town Clerk’s office giving Zoom Meeting instructions. I directed the other confused person there to Library parking lot with instructions on how to connect to WiFi and Zoom. He was from the County’s Economic Development Department and was prepared to give the main presentation of the evening.

Back home, I connected to Zoom in time to hear a portion of the discussion on the proposed new greenhouse structure behind Catskill Regional Harvest on Route 28 north of Andes hamlet. (Evidently, the IDA rep had connected to the meeting and then lost contact; he was no longer heard from.) The representative from the County Planning Board stated the main question: Does Catskill Harvest need a special use permit or would an amendment to an existing approved use permit suffice? He indicated that both these approaches have been taken by other counties. Al Mohr gave the opinion that since we don’t yet know the square footage of the greenhouse structure proposed (30’x50’ and 30’ x100’ were possibilities mentioned) and the nature of lighting, possible generator noise, storage of propane, and new parking signage are all up in the air, that an amendment wouldn’t be sufficient for a new structure.

The consensus was to go with Special Use Permit process. It was considered that the survey of the 2.3 acres would be ready in a month for a hearing, and that no soil test would be necessary.

There was a motion to waive survey of the complete lot and to instead combine the parcel in question of 2.3 acres with the larger 80 acre parcel.  It would classify as a boundary line adjustment/subdivision. Joanne Callahan moved, John Reynolds seconded motion to waive survey for the whole property. Motion passed.

Next Meeting is scheduled for April 11th. Frank Winkler, the chair, expects to be away then. So far there is no new appointment for the spot on the board vacated by Mr. Darling.~