Short Term Rental Public Hearing April 12 at 6:45 pm

March 8, 2022 6 pm (subsequent meetings will be at 7 pm)

PRESENT: Supervisor Gladstone; Town Clerk Tosi; Councilmen Cole, Gabriel, Hall, Moshier; Highway Superintendent Bouton; Code Enforcement Officer Mohr; Chris Long, DJ Long, Judy Garrison—Andes Gazette; Michael Passafiume; on ZOOM: Randy Shepard-The Reporter, Dana Scuderi-Hunter, Lillian Browne-The Reporter, Nicholas Bandell, William Palmer, Wyva Hasselblad

Reference was made to the Resolution passed at the February 23 Special Meeting to address the purchase of a replacement dump truck, “an emergency which requires immediate action that cannot await competitive bidding and whose situation arose from an accident.” There was discussion earmarking highway fund balance money for future purchases and approving the order of a new dump truck at the March Regular Meeting, as well as authorizing sale of surplus equipment. A unanimous vote to approve. The status of the truck was still unknown at Special Meeting. Board discussion indicated that some would like to see truck repaired if not too costly.

Privilege of the floor granted to Travis Marshall, local sales rep with Tracey Road Equipment regarding purchase of a 6×6 stem to stern stainless steel all wheel straightliner dump truck with plow/wing/sander from Freightliner. He couldn’t guarantee that the quoted price of $295,000 (the Onondaga County contracted price) for delivery in late 2023/early 2024 wouldn’t go up. In fact he expects it to go up, and will be able to give a more accurate price in June/July. After extensive discussion a vote was passed to sign contract to order this now and approve purchase price of $295,000.

The 3 bids on the purchase of the old Highway Department garage north of the hamlet on Route 28 were opened: one for $10,000 from Allison Oil (Chris and DJ were in attendance); a $50,500 bid from Amish Barn; and the winning bid of $80,000 from TAB Construction (Travis Balcom, an Andes contractor). Resolution 13 of 2022 passed to accept bid from Balcom for purchase of the Town property at 29467 Highway 28, Andes, NY (tax map number 238.-1-22) “as is” and to authorize Town Attorney to prepare a quitclaim deed and to authorize the Supervisor to close on the property. Closing costs are to be paid by bidder.

Motion passed to sell surplus equipment on Auctions International.

Resolution 15 of 2022 passed authorizing the Town Board to Act as Lead Agency for the SEQR Process Proposed for the Andes New Public Water Source Project.

 Report of Supervisor Gladstone:

Store) didn’t proceed because he’s allegedly pursuing interest in another property in town.

MARK Project reached out to Town with possibility of a new funding avenue. Bud will discuss this further with Director Katie Amillone.

Met with Senator Mike Martucci at last week’s BOS meeting and asked for his support in securing cell service for town (Kim will follow up with letter).

Streetscape Committee submitted application for grant funding  (the County’s Travel/Tourism Promotion) in the amount of $3,000 (requires a match) to totally update Main Street kiosk, including the utilization of QR codes through a new website. Spoke with Glen Faulkner of MTC regarding approval to use their WiFi for this.

Votes on multiple Spring bids were taken. Please refer to complete meeting minutes on the Town website: townofandes.com  These are also distributed by Ms. Tosi to those on the email list. You can request to be on that list by emailing her: townofandes@gmail.com.

Decision was made to move the Transient Rental Local Law (like Airbnb & VRBO) off the table until the next monthly meeting which will take place at 7 pm on Tuesday, April 12th. A vote will be preceded by a public hearing at 6:45 pm.~