By Buffy Calvert

The Andes Planning Board met on December 13th by ZOOM with members Frank Winkler, Chair, John Reynolds, Bill Palmer and Jim Darling present as well as Kent Manuel from the County Board, Joanne Boerner, Clerk, and Al Mohr, Town Code Enforcement Officer. Also present were Dara Barr, Realtor: Buffy Calvert, Andes Gazette, and Umberto and Luca Rossetti, owners of 2 lots on Engel Road that they subdivided in 2004. They wanted to relocate the boundary between the lots in order to sell Lot 2. Their daughter, Bobbie, spoke for them.

This was the one item on the agenda. The Rossettis wish to sell Lot 2. They would like to adjust the boundary between the lots to enlarge Lot 2 by 2 acres and to ensure privacy for Lot 1 which they will keep for seasonal use.

The issue presented is that while in 2004 tests were done, an application made and permits issued for a septic system, this was never built nor reported to the CEO. Moreover a well was dug near the planned leach field. It is the responsibility of the owner to report progress or lack of same to the CEO after a permit is granted. [News to me!]

Ms. Rossetti and Ms. Barr complained vigorously but politely of their distress at Mr. Mohr’s handling of the issues, which, they asserted, cost them a likely buyer. Mohr explained that while he had not issued any violations on the lots, the subdivision could not go forward until it is proven that the lots were “buildable” which will require a new environmental review. It was for this reason he had put the item on the Board’s agenda. If the lots are to be re-subdivided with a new border line, a new application must be made with environmental review, soil tests and DEP approval.

Query from the Rossettis: Who pays?

Response from Winkler: We don’t care who pays, but we need to know that the lots are “buildable” before we can approve the proposed new boundary lines for Lots 1 and 2.

The Planning Board will meet on January 10, 2022 at 7:30.~