By Peter Calvert

Town of Andes Board Meeting, October 12th

  Present: Supervisor Wayland “Bud” Gladstone. Councilmen: Dale Cole, Ritchie Gabriel, Thomas Hall, Shayne Moshier. Highway Superintendent John Bouton, Town Clerk Kimberly Tosi, Code Enforcement Officer Alfred Mohr. Others in the Town Hall: Mary Davis, Robert Abbate, Eric Van Benschoten, Dana Scuderi-Hunter, Peter Calvert-Andes Gazette. Via Zoom: Vincent Comperatore.

Public Hearing: To override the tax levy limit established in General Municipal Laz 3-c.

Background on Request: Local Law – Each year the Board prepares a Tax Cap Override in case there is a change in the tax cap between when the budget workshops take place and when the budget is passed. Currently we are under the tax cap.
Mary Davis asked about the revenue side of the budget and about COVID monies received by the town. $132,000 was received for COVID funds and can be used for extra expenses incurred by the town to deal with the pandemic, including the water district. Robert Abbate raised queries about the highway budget, particularly the disparity from one year to the next for snow removal costs. It was explained that first budget column presented in the handout reflected last year’s Year to Date (YTD) and the second column of 2022 showed a full future year projection. As 2021 was an actual YTD reflecting expenses through mid-September, the numbers shown were not equivalent to a full year’s expenditure and the amounts were not accelerating radically one year to next.

Town of Andes Regular Meeting

   Highway Report: John Bouton:  The new truck purchased from the Town of Tully is running well.

The roof at the old highway building needs replacement in the future. No bids were received for the one-ton truck. Search continues on Auctions International and State Bids. Bulldozer was down and that is why one was rented for the month. Trucks have been prepped for winter plowing.

   Supervisor’s Report: Summary: Met with Tom Suozzo regarding the High Street Well. He is staying positive. Delaware County Board moved to oppose any further Land Acquisitions Purchases (LAP) by N.Y.C.

The platform at Transfer Station C & D and Metals Recycling bin was hit and damaged by Delaware County Waste truck. A crew was sent over and repaired it. A State level grant is available to pay for a 50% share of costs on user-friendly layouts at the Transfer Station. This could entail re-locating the dumpster for the recycled bottles and cans below ground level, functioning as the C & D bin and the regular garbage bin currently do. Town Transfer Station users would be able to recycle their own items and Ritchie would avoid climbing the portable metal stairs endless times to pitch the bottles and cans. This opportunity will be pursued via Delaware County connections by Bud Gladstone.

   Building Inspector Report: CEO Alfred Mohr issued 12 permits, 8 municipal searches, completed 23 inspections and 1 violation.

   New Business: The Transfer Station will be closed Saturday, December 25th, and Saturday, January 1st, 2022. It will be open instead on Monday, December 27th and Monday, January 3rd.

   Trick-or-Treating in the Hamlet of Andes took place on October 31st, 5p.m.-8p.m and candy was freely handed out to creatively costumed children and, in some cases, their parents as well.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the 2022 Town Budget, 2022 Water District Budget, and the 2022 Sewer District Budget are hereby adopted as presented.

   Motion to authorize the purchase of a laptop for the use of the Planning and Zoning Board Clerk.
Meeting Adjourned.~