Fables by Andes Central School CROP – November 2021

As stated in our October edition below is another story.  All of the stories by the children are available at the Library.

Mixed Up Fairy Tales by ACS CROP

Grades K-3

Once upon a time, there was a little kid named Jack who lived in a big castle surrounded by a moat full of piranhas and tiger sharks. Inside the castle grounds, Jack planted four beans in his garden. The sun shone often. The rain fell when the plants needed a drink. Everything was perfect.

One day, along came a dragon with a very fiery breath. When I say very fiery, I mean VERY fiery. His breath was so hot and strong, it could melt steel and bedrock. It could burn through anything, and ice could not stop it. The bricks of Jack’s castle wall were no match for the dragon’s fiery breath.

The reason the dragon’s breath was so strong is because he didn’t have a wife to help him take care of his babies. This made him sad and angry, which made his fire grow more powerful.

   Luckily, a magical shapeshifter named Princess Blue Eyes arrived on the scene before the dragon’s breath burned up Jack’s bean plants. Princess Blue Eyes happened to come through a portal from Disneyland just in the nick of time. Her magic power came from her heart, which was so full of love and the ability to see the goodness in others — even in the dragon. She fell in love with him, and her love caused his breath to become gentle.

Together Princess Blue Eyes and the dragon raised his babies, and even helped Jack tend his bean plants. Jack’s bean plants grew so well that the dragon children could play in the shade of their leaves, and the plants reached all the way up to the sky where a certain giant lives still to this day. But that, my friends, is a story for another time.