By Peter Calvert

The Town Council of Andes Meeting, Septeptember 14. Called to order at 7:01 pm  by Supervisor Bud Gladstone. He announced that Public Hearings will be held at 6:45 pm on October 12th regarding the Local Cannabis Opt-Out Law and the Commercial Tent Camping Laws. The Town posted a letter in their September Minutes received from the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce in support of opting in on the Cannabis law. Further details of these proposed laws may be seen at: on the Town of Andes website.

Privilege of the Floor: Kristina Zill- Transition Catskills RE: Clean Energy Community Grants. Ms. Zill presented in relation to the award of two $5,000 grants that the Town has received for a clean energy project. Potential additional funds are available if the Town completes action items with NYSERDA. Presentations on the NY Stretch may happen at the Board’s October Meeting. Code Enforcement Office Mohr will research and get quotes on ground and air source heat pumps for the Town Hall. Motions made and passed to start a clean energy fund seeking further grant funding through NYSERDA Clean Communities Program and to authorize Town Clerk Tosi to begin the required paperwork for a clean heating and cooling campaign.

   Mr. Nick Carbone, the Watershed Affairs Coordinator of the Delaware County Planning Board (DCPB), spoke of a new land acquisition program that NYC DEP will expand to Delaware County. If the Town decided to opt in, 70% of all land in the Town (including lands in the Hamlet and Hamlet extensions) would be eligible to be purchased by NYC DEP and could have significant impact on future development and flood water management. The DCPB recommends opting out.

John Bouton, Highway Report: The purchase of a new dump truck was discussed; two quotes were received. One projected a delivery in July 2022 and the other would deliver in September 2022.  Any fund balance for the 2021 budget year could be earmarked for this kind of purchase.

   Rachel Andrews, Pool Report: Lifeguards for 2021 Season: Rachel Andrews, Jonathan Andrews (sub), Macayla Carron, Alexis Redden, Anna Post, Joanna Grommeck, Hans Hilson-Schneider, McKenzie Wilson, Fiona O’Neill, Sylvia Liddle, Gretel Hilson-Schneider, Aims Smit, Ellie Lees, and Ellen Wagner. 98 students enrolled in swimming lessons, and 50 on average were showing up for lessons that ran July 6-August 13. Thanks to Wood’s BBQ for volunteering their time to cook food for the End of Lessons Party with the students. ACS CROP came for swimming lessons and free swim for 2 weeks in July. SK CROP program came for free swim from July through the first week in August. The Lifeguards put together a float for the Community Day parade and took First Place. The Reporter came and did a wonderful article in the paper. Successful season closed on September 6th.

Al Mohr, Code Enforcement Officer: reported 24 permits were issued, 56 inspections were completed,  9 CofO searches conducted, and 1 fire inspection was done.

Bud Gladstone, Supervisor’s Report: The Streetscape Committee reported the clock is still in progress for installation in the Park next to the Library. ~