By Peter Calvert
Planning Board Meeting, Andes, NY. August 9th, Zoom only.

Present on Zoom: Planning Board: Frank Winkler, Chair, Art Reed, John Reynolds, Bill Palmer, and Joanne Callahan. Absent: Alex Adelson, Jim Darling. Assisted by Jo Ann Boerner, Clerk,  Kent Manuel, Delaware County Planning Dept. and, Al Mohr, Building CEO. Public: Glenna Yu, Tyler Tamburo and Peter Calvert, Andes Gazette. By Phone: Dana Hunter.

Following a recent number of positive Covid cases in the Hamlet, the meeting was changed, as a precaution, from a Town Hall in-person gathering to a Zoom Public Hearing meeting. Dancer Glenna Yu and woodworker Tyler Tamburo attended this Public Hearing to answer questions regarding their desire to construct a dance studio and wood shop on their 37 acre Wolf Hollow Road property. A bathhouse and 3 seasonal sleeping quarters for up to 6-8 visiting residency artists/artisans at a time would be part of the plan. A sufficient septic system has been planned and they have passed town inspections. The existing personal residence and a shed would remain, and they would improve the existing logging road leading to the construction zone. The acreage has a nature buffer from their neighbors and the studio/workshop would have sound proofing in the walls.

A question was asked if there was any consideration to holding public dance performances at Ballantine Park or on the Depot Stage or at other venues in the Hamlet. Glenna Yu replied she would be very open to public performances and has contacts with dance companies she could employ for that caliber of event. About thirty minutes into the meeting, Dana Hunter called in and pointed out that she and another member of the public had gone to the empty Town Hall for the meeting, and they didn’t have access to the Zoom link. The Board recognized the dilemma and shared the proposal via email with Dana Hunter to review before September. Decisions were tabled, the public hearing was kept open until the September 13th meeting. The Minutes for the July meeting were then approved, and the August meeting was adjourned.
Reporter’s note: On Wednesday, August 11th, Town Clerk Kimberly Tosi shared, via the town list-serve, official state level information to clear up procedural meeting regulations. Following the pronouncement in June of the end of the NY State Covid meeting restrictions emergency, Public Hearings must now be held in person, but can be broadcast on Zoom as well for the public to make any comments.~