By Judy Garrison
Have you noticed the charming arbored archway at street level just the other side of the General Store? If you
haven’t already trod the path to the rustic cottage shop in the grassy yard behind, when you see the OPEN sign I recommend doing so! Ellen Crawford, the owner/proprietor, refers to the converted chicken coop as a “like a little jewelry box,” and that is a fitting description. A former dancer, Ellen is a jewelry/handbag designer with urban polish who is now reveling in her rural Andes setting. The sign saying “Custom Jewelry and Accessories” just begins to describe what you will find within and adorning outside tables in good weather. In addition to earrings made with handmade flies—trout-fishing lore and the art of fly tying being new passions of hers— there is a plethora of items Ellen has collected, including, scarves, clothing and housewares. Do engage her in conversation and take to heart her comment: “I like being commissioned
with a specific person in mind.” The shop is currently open Friday through Sunday, noon-6 pm. For additional information please visit her Facebook page or go to her website at www.ellencrawford.com~