By Peter Calvert
Planning Board Meeting July 12th In Person and open to the Public.
Present: Planning Board: Frank Winkler,Chair, Alex Adelson, Jim Darling, Frank Reynolds, Bill Palmer, and Joanne Callahan. Absent: Art Reed. Assisted by Jo Ann Boerner, Kent Manuel, Delaware County
Planning Dept. and, Al Mohr, Building CEO. Glenna Yu, Tyler Tamburo and Peter Calvert, Andes Gazette.

Dancer Glenna Yu and woodworker Tyler Tamburo wish to build a dance studio and wood shop on their 37 acre property on Wolf Hollow Road in the Town of Andes. The facilities would also include a bathhouse and sleeping quarters for 3 visiting artists/artisans at a time from outside the region here on seasonal residencies. The premises were inspected and passed requirements and a sufficient septic system has been planned by Delhi engineering company, Steele Brook. They already have an existing personal residence and a shed and will improve the logging road leading to the new construction zone. The studio/ workshop will be sound-proofed and has a natural buffer from their neighbors. The plan was approved unanimously to go
to a public hearing at the August 9th Planning Board 7:30 meeting and the neighbors will be informed by letter. Planning Board member Joanne Callahan again presented her concerns about a previous permit that had been issued to her application for construction of a real estate office on Main Street in the Hamlet. Al Mohr indicated he would provide her with a complete list of the requirements to allow her project to meet commercial code. The Planning Board discussed the progress on the campsite and transient housing regulations as the Town Board is working on the topic with the Town attorney and in the next meeting(s) of the Town Board. Comments from the Planning Board and the audience restated the main goal is
to protect the safety of the temporary visitors, the campsite, Airbnb property owners, and the Andes community. The Minutes for the May meeting were approved, and the meeting was adjourned by Frank Winkler, Chair.~