By Peter Calvert

Present: Supervisor Bud Gladstone, Councilmen Ritchie Gabriel, Shayne Moshier, Dale Cole, Thomas Hall-Absent & Excused: Town Clerk Kimberly Tosi, Highway Superintendent John Bouton, CEO/Building Inspector Alfred Mohr. Public: Cyndi Wright, Leigh Infield, Mark Pezzati, David Levesque, Peter Calvert-Andes Gazette

Public Hearing: New Laws for Regulations for Commercial Tent Campsites and Transient Rental Properties will both be opened for Public Hearing on June 8th, 2021 at 6 pm, at the Andes Town Hall and via Zoom.
   Privilege of the Floor: Peter Calvert- Snow Shoveling in Bridges and sidewalks in the Hamlet. Mr. Calvert presented follow up questions to the board regarding ongoing problem of the hamlet bridges and delinquent sidewalks not being shoveled. The board will continue to work on this issue prior to this coming winter season and will provide follow up information. Cyndi Wright asked the board about the status of Community Day. At this time, the guidelines are still unclear.

Annual Trash Pickup: Paraphrased from organizer Ann Roberti:  “Thank you to all the volunteers for the hard work!!!! We totaled 96 bags of trash plus other debris such as a TV, tires and large pieces of foam. Cleaned 18.5 miles of Route 28 and Route 30 and a couple of sections of Tremperskill Road! Many of Wednesday’s volunteers were also Saturday volunteers and many have been with us since we started 13 years ago. 7 pickers on Saturday, 11 on Wednesday plus 7 participants from Andes Central School. The Rotary Club of Margaretville donated $100 for additional pick sticks for the volunteers. We already had numerous sticks to lend so now most pickers can have a pick stick which make a difference in how much can be picked up and how your back feels after the day. We lend out these sticks to other communities doing their pickups on different days than ours. Town road crew put up roadwork ahead signs to warn motorists and picked up the bags on the Tremperskill. The DOT picked up the bags on Rt 28 and 30. Each year we do this cleanup, there is a bit less trash on the roads. People a little less likely to throw trash out the window when they see a clean road. We are excited to see the number of other towns that have done a pickup this year – hopefully, they will make this annual event. Reminder to Andes residents when bringing their trash to the transfer station in an open pickup, make sure it is secured so trash cannot fly out onto the road. Sadly, we see new trash on transfer station days. Volunteers: Joanne Warner, Linda Dunne, Mark Pezzati, Mary Davis, Diana Johnson, Yoshi Conover, Nancy McShane, Jim Andrews, Ann Roberti, Brenda Oxley Doherty, Vinnie Comperatore, Michael Mercurio, Sarah Lewis, Judy Garrison, and the Andes Central School Outdoor Club consisting of two teachers and five students.”
Supervisor’s Report: The Streetscape Committee was authorized to purchase a large standing clock to be placed at Bohlmann Park. A Post Clock from Lumichron Commercial Clocks ($8,057.00 for purchase and delivery) paid by Mark Project Grant Funds.
Old Business: DEP Driveway Access: NYC DEP is beginning the process of reviewing properties where the access to Route 30 is over NYCity-owned land. As a first step, they have contacted certain landowners in Andes and Colchester to ask them what records they have formalizing their access. Landowners with concerns, should reach out to the DEP office in Kingston, whose contact information was provided in the mailed letters.
   Community Solar Campaign: Our solar campaign is officially launched. NYSERDA (the New York State Energy Research Development Authority) is offering a $5,000 grant to any small New York community that signs up IO people with NYSEG accounts to obtain their electricity from a solar farm. Competition is fierce. On a solar farm, a large array of solar panels generates power for the electric grid. Homeowners, renters and businesses can opt to get their electricity from a solar farm, which reduces the need for fossil fuels. The benefit to customers is 10% off the electric portion of their NYSEG bill. Andes is partnering with Delaware River Solar, a trusted solar provider based in neighboring Sullivan County. If you have questions, please contact Delaware River Solar’s rep, Andy Cahill at or call her at 845-586-2058 or Kimberly Tosi, Town Clerk. Going green is a great way to reduce your bills and help your community at the same time.
Cell Coverage Update: At the end of April, we had a positive conversation with a representative from Verizon Wireless who stated that they are working hard to provide cell service to communities in our area.
New Town Office Cell Phone Numbers (Voice or Text): Supervisor: 845-807-1068 Town Clerk: 845-807-2978 Assessor: 845-807-1060 Code Enforcement: 845-807-2194 Highway: 845-807-2131
Ballantine Park Fundraiser: Looking for ideas and individuals willing to help out with fundraising efforts for Ballantine Park. The maintenance of the Park for the community is paid by donations.

   Bohlmann Park Request Discussion took place regarding a letter received from Pamela West-Finkle for a request to use Bohlman Park for music classes. It was allowed.~