By Peter Calvert

Town Board Meeting April 13th, 2021
Present: Supervisor Wayland “Bud” Gladstone, Ritchie Gabriel, Thomas Hall, Dale Cole. Shayne Moshier, Absent & Excused. Town Clerk: Kimberly Tosi, Code Enforcement Officer: Al Mohr, Deputy Highway Superintendent Roger Robson.
Others: Vinnie Comperatore, Randy Shepard, Mark Pezzati, David Levesque, Peter Calvert.

Supervisor: Bud sent six letters to our representatives (Assemblymen, State Senators, Congressmen and Senators) addressing the lack of cell services in our area. So far, State Senator Oberacker has replied and will try to help out the Town of Andes.

   The Streetscape Committee has met this past month to go over ideas for Main Street. They did a walking tour of the Hamlet and discussed different ideas including: a town clock, benches, garbage cans, refurbishing some existing benches, a few flowering trees, redoing and updating the information at the Town kiosk.

   COVID vaccine appointments are available at Delaware County Public Health. The NYS Burn Ban is in effect March 16th through May 14th.

   Cell Service Update: There has been a delay with the consulting company hired by Delaware County reaching an agreement with any carriers.

Overnight Winter parking during snow removal: Discussion took place as in the past there have been issues with parked cars in the Hamlet inhibiting the clearing of snow from Main Street and Delaware Avenue completely (NYS Hwy 28). The law prohibiting this was passed and overnight Winter parking during snow removal times is no longer allowed on Route 28 in Andes. Individuals will need to move their cars when there is snowfall resulting in accumulation that must be cleared from the shoulders. NYS DOT has spent countless hours tracking down car owners to remove their vehicles so the roads can be cleared and passable.
   Al Mohr, Code Enforcement and Building Inspector: Did 15 title searches, 8 inspections, issued 6 permits and 2 demo permits, and found 1 violation. Mr. Mohr spent time inspecting the library concerning the floor/radiant heating issues. The contractors corrected all issues. Discussion took place regarding the need to increase the cost of some building permit fees, as in some cases the current fees do not cover the cost of driving to and from an inspection. Mr. Mohr will provide the board with his suggestions for permit levels at the May Meeting.
Highway: Deputy Highway Superintendent Robson provided the board with some information on the estimated cost of the purchase price of a new trailer. Discussion took place regarding the repair of the trailer the highway department has now. Councilman Gabriel recommended that the highway committee meet prior to making their decision.

Rachel Andrews, Pool Director: She contacted Oneonta Fence Company twice. They have no start date as of yet, but said the May deadline will not be a problem. She contacted lifeguards from previous years to see who plans to return. Has heard back from a few, will be contacting again in the next week for more of a final count and has an individual lined up for youth bureau position. They plan on pumping the pool out in the next couple weeks.
Community Solar Campaign: Update: our scoping document has been submitted to NYSERDA for approval. This can take a few weeks. Once we receive approval of our application there will be a kickoff event beginning the program. Thank you to everyone who has reached out with support of this project. Please do not sign up until after our kickoff event to ensure that your enrollment will count towards our 10 community participants. The participants must be new to the program as of the start of our campaign.
Federal Stimulus Funds: According to Senator Schumer’ s Office, the Town of Andes will be receiving roughly $130,000 in Federal Stimulus Funds. There are many requirements for these funds and more information will be provided later. At this time, it is planned that a percentage of funds will be used to reimburse the Town for past or future COVID related expenses.
Cell Phones: A discussion took place regarding purchasing and providing cell phones for the five town department heads. The cost of the cell plan quoted is $225/month with the phones being free as part of that plan. The plan is cost effective for the town and was approved.
Ballantine Park: A discussion took place regarding a potential fundraising event for Ballantine Park. The park has always been maintained with donated funds from community member s. The board will discuss specific ideas at the May Meeting.
A Special Meeting/Workshop was held on Thursday, April 15 at 6 pm about the highway department equipment trailer and the Commercial Tent Campsites. Note: The meeting was held and a robust discussion of the campsite plan and the need for the equipment trailer took place.~