By Peter Calvert

Present: Supervisor Wayland “Bud” Gladstone, Ritchie Gabriel, Thomas Hall, Shayne Moshier, Dale Cole. John Bouton, Highways. Town Clerk: Kimberly Tosi.
Others: Kristina Zill, Beth Patella, Mary Davis, Carly Bower, David Levesque, Peter Calvert.

The Town Honored the two Transfer Station employees, Jay Govendo and Ritchie Haynes, for the exceptional job they are doing and presented them both with official Certificates of Appreciation from the Town.

   Privilege of the Floor: Peter Calvert noted the roads are well cleared all winter but inquired if there could be a plan in place to ensure the sidewalks are cleared in a timely fashion of snow and ice so pedestrians can safely get exercise around town. And especially the rarely shoveled bridge overpasses around the Hamlet. Bud noted this was an ongoing issue and he will look into future solutions.

Mary Davis inquired if there was a way the Transfer Station could be less muddy for those delivering their recycling and their garbage twice weekly. Bud said the mud is an unfortunate but needed by-product of the sand put down to prevent slipping on the ice that develops following snow plowing. Without the sand, the ice is treacherous and the sand is needed. But it is cleaned away after Winter is over.

Supervisor Bud Gladstone’s Report:

NYSERDA has grant funding available to Communities for homeowners to go solar.  Andes would like to be a community with the distinction of being a “Clean Energy Community” and to do that we need 10 homeowners to participate.  Kristina Zill presented the program: Homeowners who sign up get 10% off their NYSEG bill each month while promoting clean electricity. The Andes resident would be sharing the use of a Delaware River Company solar field in the region. Signing up does not require any solar panels to be installed on your property. If 10 new customers sign up and the funding is awarded, the Town could receive two $5,000 cash Grants that can be used for Clean Energy projects in the Community. Contact Kimberly Tosi at the Town Hall for details if you want to participate.

Cell coverage: The rep for the managing firm overseeing the County tower system, said COVID has slowed down cell installation for the time being but he is continuing the conversation to get coverage here. Bud also received the application and details for the Delaware Watershed Stream Implementation Grant.  This has been forwarded on to John Bouton to complete for potential projects.

   The Food Bank is continuing to serve many families and Bud thanked the folks working at the Food Bank and especially the folks donating money to help fund it.

COVID Update– There are still guidelines in place, but vaccines are becoming more available at NYSDOH, hospitals and the drug stores.

Save the date! Andes 13th annual litter pickup will happen on Wednesday 4/21 and Saturday 4/24 from 9 am to 1 pm. Rain dates will be Wednesday, 4/28 and the following Saturday, 5/1. See related article in Box in this Gazette Issue.

Commercial Tent Campsites Regulations: The Planning Board has referred the draft plan to the Town Board for further action. The plan has been forwarded to Al Mohr (CEO) and the Town Attorney for comment and recommendations.

The Town Attorney will also be reviewing the draft proposal for Transient Rental Agreements that the Planning Board approved and sent to the Town Board.
Al Mohr: Code Enforcement/Building Inspector Report: Continue to have large number of demands for housing permits, but main issue now is the need for available contractors. Reach Andes CEO on email: ~