PLANNING BOARD SENDS PROPOSED PERMIT AGREEMENT FOR AIRBNBS TO TOWN BOARD; Discusses Special Use Permits for Catskill Harvest and New Gallery 

By Peter Calvert

Present: Planning Board: Frank Winkler, Chair, Joanne Callahan, Alex Adelson, Art Reed, Jim Darling, and Bill Palmer. Assisted by Kristen Janke Schneider and Jo Ann Boerner, Al Mohr, Building CEO, For the Town Board: Supervisor Bud Gladstone, Ritchie Gabriel. Shayne Mosier.
Nicole Day of Catskill Harvest presented her application to amend their Café food license to allow sales of glasses of wine, hard cider, and beer. They are not opening a Pub, as was suggested in the last meeting, but rather their Café seating area would be limited to their Porch and around their Horseshoe pit area in the back of their space. Usual hours would span 10 am to 7 pm with occasional outdoor special events with acoustic music till 10 pm. The Planning Board approved the request and sent it on to the County Planning Board. Full approval for the Harvest’s application to the state liquor board is still in progress.
Jayne Parker presented an application to open a Gallery/Stationery/HomeGoods/ Furniture boutique at 61 Main Street. As the space was previously a gallery and remains zoned for commercial use, the application does not require County approval and was permitted.
The Transient Rental Agreement proposal for local Airbnbs was discussed and three members of the Town Board, Bud, Ritchie and Shayne and the Building Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) were guests at the meeting. Al Mohr, CEO, was able to give helpful insight how he could manage an accessible contact database of local property site managers on call if emergencies arose at Andes Airbnbs. Bud reviewed the issue of Winter snow removal in the Hamlet and the need for off-street parking to allow plow-trucks to clear vital roadways efficiently and prevent snow-burying overnight parked cars. Following thoughtful discussion and certain amendments, the Transient Rental Agreement was approved by the Planning Board to be sent to the Town Board for review and a future Public Hearing.~