Dear Editors,

This morning a spent a happy hour reading the March edition of the Gazette.

If I didn’t already, I’d be saying to myself, “Gee, I wish I had a house there.” The Haiku on the front page (thank you, Buffy), the article titled “Oh, Deer” by Diane Lockspeiser, the humorous piece about getting a flat tire on the NY thruway by Gino Zamparo, Jack McShane’s memories and the photos of bobcats (I had no idea there were so many around here), not to mention the movie star quality picture of Jack surfing in his youth (UM HMM!). Jim Andrews’ The Way We Were, Pam Finkle’s library report, Judy’s nifty review of the George Washington biography (who knew?), and on and on. Also the notice inviting new writers to contribute, setting just the right tone. I even enjoyed the ad for that modern colonial on Lake Lafever (where is it?).

The point is, thank you for all the work you put into putting out such a friendly, literate, and engaging publication. I, for one, don’t take it for granted. Long live the Gazette! And long live its editors.~

Jane Tompkins