We are seeking out writers for articles (400-800 words)—for future Gazettes by new or relatively new arrivals to Andes. One series might be called “New in Andes.” We’d love to hear your stories on adapting to life here from any angle you choose. Were you surprised/happy to find a community? Did our severe winter weather unexpectedly impact you? Did the Covid year prompt you to find a new means of support or change of occupation? Was it a liberating or jarring experience to transfer your life and work here?

We editors are also enthusiastic about another potential series, called something like “Gettin’ the House in Order.” It would be fun and illuminating to hear your tales on refreshing, renewing, retrofitting your new abode. What challenges were presented? What was your process in securing contractors or fulfilling DIY projects? What specifically did you choose for materials, paints, furniture, kitchen and bathroom re-dos, upgrades to heating and plumbing systems?

Please contact Judy Garrison at (or any other editor) to talk about your potential contribution. Or we’d be glad to interview you. Thanks!!~